Gameboy Color A.D. v3.7 for Android

gbcad差不多和tiger系列同时代的A.D.系列的安卓模拟器已经停止更新很久了,因为同样的系列在iOS越狱平台上活的很滋润。这次很意外的GBC安卓模拟器的Gameboy Color A.D.居然开始更新了…作者这是什么动机呢?

遗憾的是曾经同样出现在android市场的NES A.D./Genesis A.D./SNES A.D.现在都已经下架很久了。好在我们可以替代的app还是超多的。

Gameboy Color A.D. v3.7 for Android Changelog:
– Fixed bug with black screen and no video
– ** Added custom layouts! go to settings > input settings > virtual keypad settings > d-pad + buttons **
– fixed save log errors for 4.2+
– fixed loading rom bug
– fixed looping ad
– Fixed rom select error
– Fixed save error, make sure you save in quick save to instantly start in game where you last left off–or simply load the save state from the in game menu > load
– Fixed cheats error
– Fixed various crashes


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