RetroArch megapack (20131013)

retroarch最近喝口凉水都塞牙的RetroArch发表了PC端的megapack,包括了全部可用的libretro。我看了一下,比iOS/android端多了N64、DOSBox和atari lynx三个机种的核心,但是没有加入SEGA 32X。很奇怪哦。


megapack分别对应32bit和64bit的Win系统,注意别下错了。另外由于官方RetroArch 安卓版已经被下架,所以有位好基友用自己的账号发布了一个RetroidNetplay。不过我看了一下,这个版本虽然是0.9.9.7的追随而且增加了初步的netplay功能,但是没有32x核心。




– RGUI has gotten a face lift in user friendliness.
* On first startup, a start screen is shown with the basic hotkeys for RGUI.
This should help new users use RGUI.
* Gamepad configuration can now be done from within RGUI. Not all hotkeys are exposed, but the most important ones are.
* The .info-file concept from OSX/iOS ports of RetroArch have been made mainline.
These files contain basic metadata which helps RGUI be more user friendly.
– When choosing libretro cores, more friendly names are shown instead of the raw dll paths.
– Load Game (Detect Core) is added to the menu.
This allows you do choose a ROM directly without having to switch the libretro core first.
If multiple cores can match to the extension, a list will be presented with relevant cores.
Even .zip files are supported in this way, as it will try to match against files within the zip.




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