Ex360E HG r1 -first real Xbox360 Emu!

x360哇!好玩的事情来了。我印象中第一个真正的X360模拟器(准确的说应该是类似loader)登场了!Ex360E HG目前还只是一个google codes上的开源计划,授权比较少见是New BSD License,这个请需要参考源代码的coder注意。

为毛俺一个外行说Ex360E HG是真的Xbox360模拟器呢?首先PPX的lo大也认为它是真的;第二,它在主页上写的原理基本靠谱;第三,这货目前几乎什么都不能做,比PS3模拟器完成度还低。由于代码是开放的,所以是真是假内行一看便知,我们就不讨论了。

What is it?

Ex360E is a highly experimental Xbox 360 emulator, for Xbox Live Arcade titles developed with XNA Game Studio.

It uses an extremely High-Level approach to Emulation, rely on the fact that titles developed with XNA run with the X86

In order to run games, Ex360E extracts an Xbox Live Arcade Package, decrypts the .xex files, extracts any .NET executables, and then patches them so that that can then be run by the Windows version of the .NET framework.

The result of this, is the Xbox 360 game is left in a format that can be natively run on a Windows PC. Due to these resulting assemblies being 64-bit, and Windows only has a 32-bit variant of the XNA framework, the Xbox 360 version of the framework is used.

This is achieved by writing Dynamic Link Libraries (.DLL files) that implement the missing libraries from the Xbox 360 that XNA expects to be present. (D3D, XINPUT, STORAGE, MEDIA, among others)

Minimum System Requirements

Current Status

The emulator is capable of booting Fez, as in, it runs the code, but crashes instantly due to an incomplete Direct3D implementation.

Ex360E HG的原理基于X86构架上的XNA开发环境产品的通用性,实际上X360程序和我们的PC程序都是X86 底层代码。Ex360E号称可以解压 Xbox Live Arcade包,把.xex解密,提取出所有.NET的运行库,并且修补它们最终达到可以运行在标准Windows  .NET framework框架的目的。




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