No$GBA v2.7 (paid only)

nocash一直不要钱的马丁大神重启了他的成名之作,这次要钱了 😉 有史以来WIN平台上最佳的GBA/NDS模拟器之一:No$GBA付费版更新到v2.7。大家通过paypal随便给个三瓜两枣的就可以得到…可惜目前没有免费版。

由于马丁最近一次更新免费版No$GBA 还是在2008年。所以最近一两年时间里在NDS模拟方面No$GBA基本被DeSmuME所超越。

马丁的No$系列模拟器都自带强大的debug调试环境,这是hack rom、开发游戏的必备利器。专业的开发者可以用No$环境替代厂商提供的那套昂贵的硬件SDK开发套件。不过因为实在不常用,有些版本的模拟器比如这个No$GBA只有注册收费版才提供。

23 May 2013 - version 2.7
- help: updated gbatek standalone version 2.7 (around fifty news since 2.5)
- sizing: added game window sizing support in NDS mode, and in multimachine mode
- multimachine: fixed some bugs on adding/removing additional NDS machines
- dos: fixed destroyed ebx register in memory handle resizing function
- dos: fixed missing nds_color_xlat re-initialization on dos video mode changes
- dos: fixed wrong resolution in 320x200pix mode (emu-vga mov cx,320 for lowres)
- gba/help: added partial gba wireless adapter details
- gba/help: added gameboy player detect/unlock/rumble info (thanks flubba)
- nds/help: added expansion ram detection/unlocking info (thanks rick lick wong)
- gui: created own help engine (instead of microcrap's suicidal windows .hlp)
- gui: added dos/windows help engines to gaming-versions (with short help text)
- internal: uses new overlay engine for help.pak, xmit-nds.pak, pockclon.pak
- removed bg_gif feature (no$gmb relict that was probably never used in no$gba)
- gba/help: added video interlace info (thanks damian yerrik)
- debugmsg: added optional dma-transfer and serial-port (normal mode) logging
- debugmsg: changed debug message window to use nonproportional fixedwidth font
- debugmsg: added new debug I/O ports 4FFFAxxh (alternate to old "mov r12,r12")
- debugmsg/help: added info on no$gba (and ensata) debug pseudo I/O ports
- cpu: supports "blx lr" (both arm and thumb) (used by FF4) (thanks X-0D X-0D)
- cpu: supports 2nd half of thumb-bl-opcode (used by MarioGolfAdvanceTour.gba)
- a22i: fixed thumb add rd,=adr (unsigned 8bit offset, not 7bit with 1bit sign)
- a22i: recognizes thumb add/sub rx,ry as short-form for add/sub rx,rx,ry
- a22i: recognizes thumb labels starting with "b" (were treated as "b{cond}")
- a22i: accepts thumb ldr/str rd,[sp] with omitted zero-immediate offset
- pockstat: emulates sony pocketstation (uses arm cpu too, otherwise offtopic)
- debug: added new emu-detection and string/character-output (via port 4FFFAxxh)
- laptop/controls: backspace disables delays (same as keypad+ on real keyboards)
- nds/wifi: emulates aid_low and aid_full masking, stats masking, stats auto_res
- nds/3d: soft-detail: emulates disp_1dot_depth (if enabled checks all w-coords)
- nds/3d/help: added note that disp_1dot_depth checks all vertices of the poly
- nds/3d/help: added note that disp_1dot_depth is actually a 0dot_depth check
- nds/3d/help: added note that disp_1dot_depth always uses W-coord (not Z-coord)
- nds/3d: stores disp_1dot_depth changes as pseudo gx command in command buffer
- nds/3d: soft-detail: emulates depth_equal tolerance, raised frac_z from 5 to 6
- nds/3d/help: added info on depth_equal tolerance (+/-200h within 24bit range)
- nds/3d/help: added disabled alpha_blend info (size reduction, rgba overwrite)
- nds/3d: soft-detail: reduces size of translucent polys if alpha-blend disabled
- nds/timing-fix: prevents dumbloop-trick on legitimate div/sqrt-busy waitloops
- nds/3d: soft-detail: bypasses alpha-blending when framebuf alpha=0 (rearplane)
- nds/3d: soft-detail: bypasses alpha-blending when master-disabled in disp3dcnt
- nds/3d: soft-accuracy: boxtest uses new soft3d clipping code (for all 6 quads)
- nds/3d/help: added alpha-blending formulas (for blending polygon vs framebuf)
- gba-micro/help: added note on slower 256K main ram (crashes when overclocked)
- gba-micro/help: added case/joypad ascii-arts, mentioned unsupported dmg/cgb
- gba-micro/help: added pinouts for supply/sio/phones/lcd/backlight/powerchips
- nds/3d: soft-detail: supports alpha_test_ref (if enabled) (full range 0..31)
- nds/3d: soft-accuracy: raised div_w resolution from 40000000h/w to FFFFFFFFh/w
- nds/3d/help: corrected alpha_test_ref (hide if below-or-equal) (instead below)
- nds/3d/help: added notes on edge-marking problems (with translucent polygons)
- nds/3d/help: added fog blending formula, added note on fog glitch (1st alpha)
- nds/3d: soft-detail: applies fog when enabled (depth/flag/color/alpha/mode)
- nds/3d: soft-detail: explodes fog_table (only if enabled and only if changed)
- nds/3d: soft-bugfix: fixed transulcent mask (new id only, not new OR old id)
- debug/profiler: fixed crash in the profiler list window (occured in v2.6b)

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  1. 以前一直用,后来游戏支持上欠缺以及各网站主要推DeSmuME,不过个人觉得NO在效率上还是很有优势的···

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    1. 用双币信用卡给paypal账号绑定(或者充值现在不知道行不行),我是招商的,然后通过paypal给马丁提供的网页付款就行啦。



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