Mupen64+AE 2.3.0 for android

Mupen64AE这次的更新比较大,加入了新的视频插件gles2glide64(十周年庆版?)。我测试了一下,动态R4300内核下皇家骑士团64的画面破碎正常了(至少一开始)不过NBA live2000的奇葩贴图bug还是无能为力,要换R4300内核才行。遗憾的是新插件对SRW64奇慢…郁闷。


What’s in this version:

– Added gles2glide64 video plugin (fixes broken graphics in many games)
– Fixed extreme lag on Galaxy S3/S4 (US), HTC One, Xperia Z, others
– Added controller deadzone preference (button mapping)
– Fixed unmappable d-pad on newer batches of Nyko Playpad controller
– Fixed Pokemon Snap photo selection bug (with cheat)
– Fixed Pilot Wings 64 shadow bug (with cheat)
– Fixed crash related to rumble
– Fixed crash related to audio
– Fixed possible crash on OUYA
– Upgraded to SDL 2.0 multimedia library



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