no$psx v1.6

nocash一直在贫困线挣扎的德国大神马丁,发表了他的PS1模拟器no$psx v1.6,又是巨多的更新。放弃成为高薪全职码农的机会而醉心于开发模拟器并且一直同饥饿和无家可归作斗争的全世界也仅此一人了。

特别要说的no$psx已经完成了 pocketstation的模拟,但是这部分内容归在了 no$gba v2.7里面,和no$psx如何联动那就不知道了。至于为何pocketstation模拟可以和 no$gba放在一起,那是因为GBA和它都是基于相似的ARM处理器。



11 Oct 2013 – no$psx v1.6

  • cd/help: added notes on sub-cpu mainloop/response/priority/timing/queue/flags
  • cd/emu: simplified 1st/2nd/3rd response slots (instead overcomplicated queue)
  • debug: optional IRQx logging to tty window (plus detailed cdrom INTxx info)
  • cd/emu: emulates exact filter/realtime handling for adpcm and data sectors
  • cd/help: added notes on data/adpcm sector filtering/delivery on cdrom-reading
  • cd/help: added almost perfect xa-adpcm zig-zag-interpolation formula/tables
  • cd/help: added note on unitialized six-step adpcm interpolation counter
  • cd/help: added flowchart for using sound map mode (with random 3-slot caution)
  • cd/emu: emulates 8bit xa-adpcm decompression (unlike normal 4bit xa-adpcm)
  • cd/emu: emulates xa-adpcm zig-zag-interpolation (37.8 to 44.1kHz resampling)
  • cd/emu: bugfixed xa-adpcm (did destroy sixstep “extra_offhold” inside of lop)
  • cd/emu: emulates newly discovered MotorOn command (and its various errors)
  • cd/help: added some basic notes and waveform example for xa-emphasis feature
  • cd/emu: emulates invalid xa-adpcm filter=4..15 and invalid shift=13..15 values
  • cd/emu: added basic soundmap emulation (works at least to play one 900h unit)
  • cd/help: added notes on invalid xa-adpcm filter=4..15 and shift=13..15 values
  • spu: bugfixed buffer (is NOT affected by volume)
  • cd/help: added notes on newly discovered secret_unlock feature (command 5xh)
  • cd/myth/help: eliminated “Standby” myth (actual function of cmd 7 is MotorOn)
  • cd/help: added notes on peak bytes for Play+Report (and incomplete GetQ peak)
  • cd/help: added details on purpose/function of all cdrom test commands
  • cd/help: discovered more test commands (supported on older PSX consoles only)
  • cd/help: added specs for CXA1782BR cdrom servo amplifier registers
  • cd/help: added specs for CXD2510Q cdrom signal processor registers
  • cd/help: added specs for CXD2545Q cdrom combined servo + signal processor
  • cd/help: added specs for CXD1199BQ/CXD1815Q cdrom decoder/fifo registers
  • cd/help: added specs for MC68HC05 on-chip I/O Ports (and their usage in psx)
  • cd/help: added notes on GetID’s ATIP byte, and on POS0 flag in sub_func 21h
  • cd/help: removed nonsense sub_function numbers from ancient cdinfo.txt
  • cd/help: added info on some formerly unknown CD-XA bytes (in the LEN_SU area)
  • cd/help: added subheader CI coding info bits (adpcm emphasis and 8bit/sample)
  • cd/help: added notes on more cd-xa fields in primary volume descriptor
  • poc/help: added some pocketstation details (LED, mirrors, exceptions, etc)
  • help: added notes on PU-7 chipset (different cdrom/spu/gpu/cpu/bios chips)
  • bios: added patch_uninstall_early_card_irq_handler_efficient (thanks shendo)
  • gui: setup uses asia-compatible TabControl instead of unreliable PropertySheet
  • dma3/cdrom and dma6/otc: treats len=0 as length=10000h words (=256 kbytes)
  • cdrom data fifo: uses [800h-8] or [924h-4] as padding-byte after sector end
  • gui: fullscreen mode preserves real aspect ratio (padded with black border)
  • gui: fullscreen mode moved to context menu (instead of old setup option)
  • gui: created mouse-shape-less No$helpClass (avoid flickering mouse pointer)
  • debug: supports MC68HC05.ROM bios loading (16.5K) (for disasm at 50001000h)
  • debug: re-arranged gte registers in iomap (fixed overlapping text fields)
  • debug: added dummy-mappings: 50000000h=mc68hc05 memory/mc68hc05 disassembler
  • debug: added dummy-mappings: 60000000h=vram, and 70000000h=spu-ram
  • debug/help: added disassembler and specs for mc68hc05 cpu (cdrom coprocessor)
  • spu/help: corrected spu-irq description (irq9 does trigger also on spu-dma)
  • credits: big thanks to for cdrom 68hc05 sub-cpu decapping



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