Cataclysm 0.8 “Romero” Released!


o.8有大量细节上的改进。N多新物品被加入。在载具方面最有意思的是购物手推车,(丫还不承认这是看了《World War Z》里超市那一段的启发?)带上了购物车就等于随身了一个容量奇大的背包。最初这货还能撞击或者作为障碍,不过后来弱化了。












Releasing with Russian, Chinese, and bla translations.
Draggable vhicles, e.g. shopping carts.
Memorial file listing player history.
Basic farming support.
Support for save backwards compatability.
Option to adjust city size, make a whole map metropolis!
Option to adjust monster density, walls of zombies!


Intelligence dependent skill rust option.
Uncanny Dodge CBM
Weight management rework, weight now in grams.
If the player is overloaded, the strain causes pain.
Display option for metric vs imperial vehicle speed.
Beanbag rounds for shotguns and grenade launchers.
Added headlights that can be aimed at installation time.
Active bionics.
Throw single items from stacks instead of whole stack.
Updated many menus to updated menu system that provides acrolling, filtering and more unified hotkeys.
Crafting overhaul, crafting no longer trains combat skills and vice versa.
Reworked rain protection, items now have waterproof flags.
Crafting recipes you can actually perform bubble to the top of the list.
New laser weapons.
Pneumatic weapons.
Narrow sidebar option.
Support unicode character names.
Aim-related gunmods.
Automatically adjust aim path if the default path is blocked by something.
Play Now game start for one-click game initiation.
Rework encumbrance to remove nonsensical negative encumbrance.
Loosen strictness of encumbrance in general.
Heated melee weapons.
Plastic item crafting.
Option overhaul with new tabbed menu.
Swimming now makes you wet.
Wetness can be a good thing when it’s hot and you’re properly attired.
Wetness effects asjusted by some mutations.
Portable Game system now usable, has playable games snake, sokoban, and robotfindskitten.
Vehicle components, vehicles, mutations and traits are moddable in json.
fruit bushes spawn in groups.
Significant rebalance of fire, emits less smoke, and small fires should burn longer.
Basic farming support.
Welding rig vehicle component.
When in a square with clothes and bedding, sleeping players will use them for warmth.
Corpse-filled pits cause less or no damage.
Adrenaline shot item.
Nerfed Adrenaline rush effect, no more bullettime.
Small vehicles are draggable and pushable. Added shopping carts.
Funnel now directs rain into container in the same square during rain.
Mutation dreams.
Siphon water out of vehicles with water tanks.
Ice labs.
Vehicle collisions based on SCIENCE!
Streamlined selecting same ammo over and over again.
Pickling and other food preservation techniques.
Re-enabled mouth encumbrance.
Caseless ammunition and guns.
New heavy weapons.
More features spawning in houses.
Significantly reduced map save size.
Lots of professions.
Many many items and crafting recipes.
Energy weapon special effects.
Scrollbars in many list menus.
Vehicles can spawn smashed into each other.


Mouse cursor hiding.
Terminal text display fixes.
Very significant performance improvements.
Removed input delay.
Allow exiting from long-term activities like wait.
All titlebars should use the correct version number.
Remove busywaitin WinGDI build. (caused 100% CPU usage)
No more “nothing” map tiles.
Hand out letters to bionics so more than a few are usable.
Monsters no longer attack themselves.
Fatal hunger/thirst/fatigue detected correctly.
Major monster handling performance improvements to make 50x zombies work.
Nerfed smoke inhalation.
Major performance increase in mapgen to make huge cities generate before the heat death of the universe.
Rain and acid rain doesn’t bother you when underwater.
Batched raycasting optimization.
Fixed old inventory letter overlapping bug.
Use shadowcasting algorithm for fast and accurate fov calculation.
Vehicles no longer spawn floating above water.
Loaded ammo, such as nails in a nailgun can be used for crafting.
Light from items more consistent.



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