no$sns v1.5


高速的SFC模拟器no$sns v1.5发表。对SFC街机互换基板SFC-BOX的进一步修正。当年任地狱以SFC硬件开发了投币计时的NSS(Nintendo Super System)街机系统和放在旅馆里的SFC-Box(Super Famicom Box)。这两者都使用定制接口的卡带,并且有特殊的BIOS。话说,去宾馆不叫保健服务,自个投币玩游戏机的汉子实在没几个,所以SFC-Box这个硬件非常罕见。XD



30 Jul 2013 - no$sns v1.5
* help: added note on starting multiple hdma's midframe in different scanlines
* bugfix: mirror SRAM from 700000h to F00000h, but NOT to F08000h (thanks byuu)
* midframe hdma: init "snes_hdma_not_pause_flgs" during vblank (super ghouls)
* help: cleaned up memory/dma chapters, added basic LoROM/HiROM mapping chapters
* emu: added support for rare LoROM games with more than 32K SRAM (eg. Dezaemon)
* help: added cx4 pinouts (thanks qwertymodo) and cx4 memory map (thanks byuu)
* commandline: looks in current directory before 'slot' directory (for lidnariq)
* video/zoom: fullscreen option (toggle via context menu; by right mouse button)
* video/zoom: software: supports odd ratios, mmx-based horizontal blur/resample
* video/zoom: opengl: SwapBuffers, SubImage2d, DblBuffer, PixFmtScoring, Speedup
* gui: created own help engine (instead of microcrap's suicidal windows .hlp)
* game window: displays current zoom factor in caption (during sizing)
* game window: optionally square pixels, or real PAL/NTSC pixel aspect ratios
* game window: allows free sizing (with snapping near N*100% zoom factors)
* sfcbox: removed dummy OSD font (real SFC-Box character set is dumped now)
* controls: divides snes-mouse resolution by game-window-zoom-factor
* icon: simplified snes button/logo icon, at 12x12,16x16,32x32,48x48 pix sizes
* help/emu: sfcbox: added io-port-mirrors and values for unknown/unused io-bits
* help/emu: sfcbox: osd character zoom, osd background/outline styles
* help/emu: sfcbox: cpu hd64180 traps (most) invalid hd64180 opcodes
* help/emu: gsu mirrors/openbus, gsu multiply speed, r15+irq on stop opcode
* a22i: added argonaut gsu assembler (via .argonaut and .native/.nocash syntax)
* emu: avoids break on nested event-handling within hdma (for buggy kof2000)
* cartloader: clips corrupt sram/xram/flash header values to reasonable sizes
* cartloader: fixed crash upon missing cx4 bios (thanks epguy35 for bugreport)
* help: added GSU-1 and GSU-2 pinouts (based on GSU schematics drawn by magno)
* help: added pinouts for SA-1 chip, BSX-FLASH connector, partial BSX-EXT port
* help: added MAD-R logic table+more MAD-1 details (thanks SkinnyV for dumping)
* help/emu: added some new nss details (vsync, mirrored/unused bits)
* help: added some new xband keyboard details (thanks to Benjamin Eriksson)
* help/emu: added copy-protected bootlegs (bitswap, constant, and alu/flipflop)
* help/emu: added super20hab (korean multicart with 20 small nes-port games)


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