higan v092.10 beta

higan以高精度为借口跑的奇慢的原SFC模拟器现多主机模拟器higan(火眼)放出了它最新的测试版。在我看来这个已经号称100%模拟SFC硬件,连原型硬件的bug也照搬下来的模拟器已经可以不用再更新了。 XD


higan v092.102013-07-29

I’m posting higan v092.10 as a beta release.

This release adds multi-pass shaders, SNES hires blending improvements, OS X Lion support, and more. Most importantly, after polling on the issue on my forum, popular opinion was to default to the most optimal video/audio drivers, rather than the safest. Notably, this means you’ll need official video card drivers for OpenGL 3.2 support. By defaulting to OpenGL across the board, we can treat video shaders as ubiquitous. However, it’s sure to not work on some systems. If you have trouble with video or audio, be sure to go to Settings->Configuration->Advanced, change the drivers, and restart the emulator.

I’d like for v093 to be a solid release out of the door, but a lot has changed. So if you could all please test this release as thoroughly as possible, and report any bugs on my forum, it would be greatly appreciated.

Included is the source, and Windows 64-bit binaries. If you need binaries for Windows 32-bit, OS X, or Linux, you’ll need to compile the source yourself, sorry.


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