RetroArch 0.9.9-wip1

retroarch本人非常期待的RetroArch 0.9.9开始发表WIP1。目前更新的是x86平台的运行库,libretro需要通过内置的前端retroarch-phoenix来下载。我看了一下,嗯,牛X,总共18个核心…SFC核心有5个,FC有4个。没有那些冷门的libretro,难道这些要自己添加? retroarch-phoenix的易用性非常渣,有这点功夫我直接去用bsnes或者snes9x不是更爽?


RetroArch 0.9.9-wip1

This is a work-in-progress release for Win/Linux/OSX. Major thanks to all involved.

Don’t have a full change log, some major things …

– RGUI integrated on PC.
– Rework to shaders, .glsl/.glslp formats added. There is now only one shader option instead of separate options for XML and Cg shaders.
– If you start retroarch without arguments, RGUI will start automatically. If you have configured rgui_browser_directory, libretro_path accordingly, you might not need retroarch-phoenix anymore for day-to-day use.
– Core-specific options in RGUI. You can now toggle core options on the fly. Few cores implement this yet, but the groundwork is there … Make sure to set core config path to have settings saved.
– Lots of bugfixes.

– libretro cores can render with OpenGL directly (can allow HW accelerated cores in the future). This is an experimental feature and not part of public API yet.
– retroarch can load .zip files directly now (no need for retroarch-zip or phoenix to do that anymore).
– Threaded video drivers. Can allow full speed game play if video driver cannot keep up otherwise. Will increase jitter a bit, so not recommended as default.
– Rename cg2xml to cg2glsl to use the new .glsl format which is very similar to .cg structurally. Greatly improved compatibility with edge-case shaders.
– Shaders can output to floating point framebuffers. Required for some shaders. Frame count uniform can also get a pre-applied modulo to simplify shader code a bit.
– Add mouse grabbing (X11/Win32). Useful for libretro cores which rely on relative mouse input.
– Add configurable input overlays. Can create touch based interfaces (already in use on Android).
– Add basic disk swapping. Can swap disks in e.g Mednafen PSX (for multi-CD games).
– Add (compile time) quality profiles for SINC resampler.


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