PPSSPP 0.7.5

ppsspp经过一个多月的步进,PPSSPP 0.7.5 稳定版发表,这次的亮点兼容性和速度的进步。战神系列在PC版的PPSSPP上基本可以实用了。这也行啊,比起JPCSP复杂的设置,PPSSPP各方面来说都是非常易用的。如果你的android设备是机皇级别的,你也可以用来跑怪物猎人,据说也可以实战。作者谦虚的说,就这么点内容不足以发布一个整数版,您真是太客气咧。


April 14, 2013: 0.7.5 is out and better than ever!

Another month, another version of PPSSPP! This time I’ve only added 0.0.5 to the version number, but that’s just because I’m saving 0.8, 0.9 and 1.0 for big future updates 🙂 Don’t worry, there’s been plenty of improvements. Many more games run and some games run faster – the God of War games should now run well on modest PCs and for example the Monster Hunter games are becoming playable on fast phones (although without sound). And I’ve started to improve the UI – now there’s a recent list and game icons in the game selector.

Anyway, stop reading and try it out! And don’t forget to buy the Gold version if you use Android and want to support further development.

PlayStore尚未推送,下载去官网!土豪们请努力捐赠 XD

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  1. 我看他們的工作項目裡有 xbox360 控制器, 但不確定可用,

    1. er…俺更正一下,在我的山寨S601上,PPSSPP直接支持除了start和select以外的实体按键…就是不能关闭触屏按键,再次跪服 Orz


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