HDNES (2013.4.14)



HDNes is a NES emulator for Windows that has the ability to display custom true colour tiles at up to 4x resolution

Only mapper 000-004, 016, 153, 159 is supported at the moment.
Requires graphics card glsl version 330 or above.
The emulator is still in early stage and so lacks many standard features. Please read the readme for the limitations before using it.


Added “All” to screen shot combo box on the “Graphics Pack Editor” page. This will show all tiles.
The tile list is now ordered by tile ID.
Reduced the size of the auto generated images. Having too many tiles on one image makes it difficult to see and choose the correct tile.
Change the screen shot format to PNG to reduce the file size of the data generated for the graphics pack editor.
Please note that now using data generation may cause slow down to the emulator. I’m using wxImage to save it in PNG format. Any suggestions of faster way of doing this is welcome.

Also if you have generated some data using previous versions, you must convert all BMP files inside the “edit” folder into PNG before using the graphics pack editor. I used batch conversion of IrfanView for this.


“HDNES (2013.4.14)”的6个回复

  1. 目前此类优化做得最好的可算是dolphin了,真1080p甚至更高分辨率甚至更高也是可能,画面效果远超wii实机

    1. dolphin的情况有点特殊,好像我记得有文章里说过,Wii的芯片本身是支持1080P输出的,但是由于节省成本量产的时候相关机能被屏蔽了。原生高解析和脑补高解析是本质不同哦。

  2. 想把 VCD 當成 DVD 畫質輸出. 有意義嗎…XD
    原畫只有 3×3=9 像素, 硬把它變成 6×6=36像素.
    多出來的27像素只是內插色而已, 反而會失去原圖的銳利感…失真了.

  3. 補充一句: 把蒙娜麗莎的微笑放大後, 再自己添上幾筆. 價格能有原畫的萬分之一就要偷笑了…^^


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