Dolphin Emulator Pre-Alpha for android


目前这个预览版要求android 4.0以上,必须具备OpenGL ES 2.0和1G RAM。哪位自认为手中设备够牛叉的土豪可以去测试一下。不过要有心理准备,除了各种死机,速度奇慢以外,输入设备也没有模拟哦,您只能用来当幻灯片看~~~ XD

This is currently in early beta testing, expect slow speeds, graphical glitches, and a myriad of problems with it.

If you’re expecting reasonable speeds out of this, you are sorely mistaken. This will run slow on every single Android device, no matter if it is the most powerful one in the world.

Once we port our OpenGL plugin over, and you use a OpenGL ES 3 capable phone, this will improve a bit. has a bunch of free homebrew applications to try out.

One I particularly like to use is Starfield

Some caveats
– It will crash. Alot.
– Rotations don’t work well or at all.
– There isn’t /any/ input
– It might need to be force closed and ran multiple times to work.
– It renders video with the CPU entirely with our VideoSoftware backend.

Pros of this, is it will run on almost any hardware. Some limitations are
– Phones that support OpenGL ES 2 (99.8% of the Android Market)
– Phones that have at least 1Gb of RAM

This app is licensed by the GNU GPL v2, and the full source code is available through the public GIT repository at


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  1. 等到以后的A57架构的四核出来了再来看看吧!不过还是一样模拟器继续更新优化直到那一天。那样不是我们就捡了现成的了。



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