FCEUX v2.2.1

fceux目前最好的PC平台开源FC模拟器之一。安卓上的nes.emu就是基于FCEUX的源代码。这次FCEUX主要增加了断点自动存档/继续的功能,呵呵,这个功能在nes.emu上早就有了,而且尚未发表的nes.emu 1.59也合并了FCEUX v2.2.1的最新代码。大家自行测试。

The 2.2.1 release fixes many bugs and adds a couple of new features. The most notable feature is “Auto-resume old play session”, which is similar to “Suspending Play”. Enable this option in the Config menu and now you can close ROMs or emulator anytime, next time the game state will be resumed from the closing point.
Notable changes
Various mappers fixes
Win32: speed/performance improvements
Win32: added “TV Aspect (4:3)” option
Win32: Frame Advance timings customization
Win32: Code/Data Logger improvements
Win32: Various bugfixes in debugging tools
Win32: TAS Editor 1.01
“Auto-resume old play session” feature
Fixed fullscreen zapper issues in both versions
SDL: Use desktop resolution for fullscreen by default

“FCEUX v2.2.1”的3个回复

  1. 关于nes,一直有个小问题,就是fceux和nestopia对超级玛丽一代天空顔色的处理,fceux用的是蓝色,而nestopia用的是紫色,到底那种更接近实机?或者说这是nes和fc的区别?


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