Ex Plus Alpha in v1.5.9

android2Ex Plus Alpha的emu系列模拟器v1.5.9开始陆续放出了。针对iOS和android方面的系统级更新还是很大的,比较奇葩的是支持了WiiU的手柄。话说前段时间罗伯特大神说准备出新的模拟器了,Retroarch出来以后就没声音了…咋回事咧 🙁

感谢PPX的版主大大。除了 Saturn.emu以外,2600.emu GBC.emu GBA.emu MD.emu MSX.emu NEO.emu NES.emu NGP.emu PCE.emu Snes9x EX/+的对应v1.5.9都已流出。大家老地方找!
Version 1.5.9 (2013.03.11)

  • Added an Integer-only (Height) setting to the Zoom option. This has the same effect as the other Integer-only setting but applies aspect ratio correction to the image width. It can be used to get correct scanlines while keeping the requested aspect ratio.
  • Added Wii U Pro Controller support to the in-app Bluetooth system and made them appear as separate devices from Wiimotes (Classic Controllers now also behave in the same way)
  • Fixed some out of bounds array access in the Neogeo, MSX, and Snes9x 1.5 emulation code that could cause random crashes
  • Android: Various input device detection fixes: check that a device is a alpha-numeric keyboard or else don’t show the “iCade Mode” option, properly detect the Xperia Play gamepad on Android 4.x, ignore MHLRCP (MHL remote control) devices which claim to be gamepads but aren’t, accept repeated key presses from all device types (fixes using two keyboards/iCades at once)
  • Android: Don’t show Vibration option if the device doesn’t support it
  • Android: Re-wrote core event loop code to effectively prevent any input lag, eliminate possible crashes when certain window parameters are changed (status bar, etc.) and make it easier to work with native Android UI elements in future update (text input for example).
  • Android: Minimized video judder when using Auto-frameskip on Android 4.1+ with frame timestamps provided by “Project Butter”
  • iOS: Minimized video judder when using Auto-frameskip with frame timestamps
  • iOS: Re-wrote audio back-end to use AudioUnit API due to problems with the previous AudioQueue API in iOS 6.1, it provides lower latency and won’t freeze the emulation if the audio skips due to an underrun
  • iOS: Fixed app crashing when going into the background on iOS 6.1
  • iOS: De-allocate the frame-buffer when going into the background to save some memory
  • Linux/X: Support shifted symbol keyboard keys when doing text input
  • GBA: Added option to manually enable/disable RTC emulation (needed for the Liquid Crystal Pokemon hack)
  • MD: Fixed incorrect cheat behaviour on little-endian systems (X86/ARM) due to addresses not being swapped for single-byte Megadrive codes
  • MSX: Fixed incorrect external storage path for the MSX.emu directory on some Android devices
  • NEO: Added support for the following games: Choutetsu Brikin’ger / Ironclad (ironclad & ironclado) Bang Bang Busters (bbbuster), Treasure of the Caribbean (totcarib)
  • NES: Updated emulation core to current FCEUX 2.2.1 SVN version, there may be minor save-state compatibility issues depending on the game’s mapper
  • NES: Added “(EU)” to list of filename components checked when activating PAL mode
  • Snes9x/1.5x: Fixed applying Block Invalid VRAM Access option from the config file
  • Snes9x: Added cheat code support, uses the standard SNES .cht format
  • Snes9x: Fixed a path name bug that added an extra dot to the extension when looking for IPS files, preventing the correct file from loading

“Ex Plus Alpha in v1.5.9”的4个回复

  1. 不知道支不支持映射头像到wiiu的手柄上,应该是不可能吧。可能retroarch涵盖了他想涉足的领域,而且感觉已经足够优秀了?我倒是希望罗伯特大神涉足n64领域,现在安卓上好用能用的不多,就算有两个还不错的似乎能做的还有挺多的

    1. 对哦,看样子只是把WiiU手柄从标准的Wii手柄分离了出来,本来是认成同一个设备。俺也希望有个能跑SRW64的n64模拟器,不过看起来难度不小。

      1. 机战64同甚为有爱,另外还特别想玩到n64上的风来。这个游戏目前n64oid可以玩,但闪屏较严重且不能存档(当然即时是可以的),而mupen64 plus ae更是运行不能



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