MAME4iOS v1.3

MAME4iOS v1.3是给非越狱用户的,别高兴的太早,你必须把自己的开发者证书和这个app绑定才能安装这个。基于 MAME 0.37b5,想要玩近代ARC游戏的果粉死心吧,这次的更新基本是用来适应iphone5和ios6

Added iPhone 5 support. Universal armv7+armv7s binary. Code refactoring for iOS 6. Added game filtering (manufacturer, driver source, year, category, keyword, clones). Added favorites. Added option to delete games in rom manager. Added iTunes file sharing to upload roms. Added auto selection for 1-6 buttons & 2-8 ways stick. Added iMpulse controller support (+ TwiMpulse). Added low latency audio option. Improved rom manager. A lot of bug fixes. NOTE: This build is for non-jailbroken devices only. You must resign the app bundle with your own Apple developer certificate.

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