My Boy! v1.1.16 for Android

安卓平台上完成度非常高的GBA模拟器发表了新版。运行效率进一步提升,虽然在中端硬件以上的设备上基本看不出来 😛 我记得这位大神说过要开发其他主机模拟器来着…怎么没声音了?难道app被下载1万次以上就满足了?

• [core] Fixed occasional slow-downs for a few certain games.
• [core] Overall performance increased even further by 5%~8%. Although it is not noticeable due to the 60 fps limiter, it will save your phone battery even more.
• Avoid corrupted save files in very rare cases sometimes when device is powered off abnormally.
• Screenshot support.
• An option to put L/R buttons always at corners.
• Turbo buttons key mapping (We will add on-screen buttons once the screen layout editor is done).


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