aFBA 1.5 for Android

著名街机模拟器FBA的安卓移植版更新。把ROM set更新到了官方最新的0.2.97.28,而且把运行库和lib做在了一起。

1.4 release note

  • updated to latest fba (
  • aFBA and libafba is now one package
  • added on screen joystick configuration (position and scale)
  • added 7z compression support
  • added scale 2x option
  • added compatibility list (menu -> CompatList)
  • added roms listing filters (WIP, only year and system)
  • added x86 cpu compatibility
  • fix screenshots loading time
  • fix scanline orientation for vertical games
  • fix vibration enable/disable
  • removed intrusive “airpush” ads, replaced by admob

  • 1.5 release note
    • fix stick bug after input edit

“aFBA 1.5 for Android”的2个回复

  1. 话说目前有没有能正常运行kof2003的模拟器?似乎除了Tiger Arcade 2.x以外都不行…


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