nucleus – a PS3 emulaotor for Android/iOS?!

ps3俗话说人有多大胆,地有多大产。英国的亚历山大·桑切斯·巴赫同学把他的PS3模拟器nucleus,标注为一个Windows / Linux / OS X / Android / iOS的GPLv2计划!也就是说,如果这个模拟器将来能够发展起来的话,安卓和iOS移植版是跑不掉的~~~话说上次单机版去他主页参观的时候还没这么牛掰的宣言呢!


当然,距离上次2月份nucleus v0.0.4发表已经过去了很久,那个时候nucleus还是基本啥都不能做。不过nucleus和rpcs3的设计目标有所不同,nucleus更倾向于完整模拟PS3的RSX芯片,也就是大家当年喜闻乐见的,可以模拟宇宙的“Reality Synthesizer(现实合成器)”芯片,这块由老黄和姨夫联合设计出来的,基情四射的GPU,说实话,单机版觉得还是挺难模拟哒…XD

最后,再说一下大家关心的安卓版nucleus,亚历山大同学只给了个编译方法的开头,安装android SDK/NDK,然后就是TBA咧…

TBA啥意思?to be announced…即将公布…:P


Created by Alexandro Sánchez Bach.

A PlayStation 3 emulator for Windows / Linux / OS X / Android / iOS released under GPLv2 license.


You need to provide the PlayStation 3 firmware keys by placing a file named keys.xml next to the Nucleus executable. This file has to meet the requirements stated here. Instructions about how to extract the keys and generate the file will be provided as well.


  • Windows: Install Visual Studio 2015. Open nucleus.sln and press Build > Rebuild solution.
  • Linux: Follow the .travis.yml file.
  • OS X: Unknown status. Use the .travis.yml file as reference.
  • Android: Install the Android SDK and Android NDKTBA.
  • iOS: Install XcodeTBA.


The goal of this project is to experiment, research, and educate on the topic of emulation of modern devices and operating systems. It is not for enabling illegal activity. All information is obtained via reverse engineering of legally purchased devices and games and information made public on the Internet.


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