Phoenix v2.2


顺便提一下,Phoenix是开源的,不知道啥时候才能被Retroarch移植呢?现在的3DO android核心貌似bug不少啊。

History of changes

Version 2.2:

  1. Fixed record is in the original frame rendering software
  2. Prohibited tessellation kvadropoligonov mono color (add speed in the same Wolfe)
  3. Fixed a bug with loading saves (no longer necessary to rename the exchange saves)
  4. Integrated converter for images of curves
  5. Highlighting contours textures (debug version)
  6. Implemented dostur to map graphics (debug version)
  7. Deleted LibJIT (buggy and prevents porting later compensate static patterns)
  8. Undo / Redo and tracking conversions in the debugger (debug version)
  9. The mass memory dump and resources (debug version)
  10. Image operations are performed as a background task
  11. Scaling CEL (the similarity 2xSAI)


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