Cataclysm 0.9 “Ma” Released!



See the full changelog for other features:

World Factory: Multiple worlds managed at once.
New mutation categories.
Basic mouse support in SDL builds.
Vehicle construction system rework.
Backward compatibility with 0.8 saves.
Unbelievable amount of new content.


New mutation categories.
Blob drops are semi-useful.
World Factory: Multiple worlds managed at once.
Single keypress pulping.
Better Basements.
Dynamically swap between text and tiles, and among tilesets.
Funnels catch water when the player is far away.
Curvy roads.
V menu now lists monsters too.
Emergency vehicles.
Shia’s back.
Doors tougher, but zombies can pile on when trying to bash through them.
Spawning monsters in packs.
Shopping carts are driveable.
Basic mouse support in SDL builds.
Food dehydrator.
Some clothes have hoods that are used automatically if there’s no hat in the way.
Only prompt to confirm butchering if there are hostiles nearby.
Books have chapters.
Better furniture dragging interface with ‘G’rab.
More cart types, hot dog, welding, luggage; swivel chairs.
Track more stuff for memorial file.
Basic tool quality support for more streamlined crafting recipes.
Fungaloid rework.
Vehicle workbench like components act like tools.
Huge pile o books.
Furniture and terrain definitions moved to json.
Survivor armor.
Large numbers of wild animals.
Power system for vehicles and battery components.
Reinforced vehicle components.
Vehicle construction system rework.
Multi-square vehicle doors.
Make vehicles more resilient to damage and better able to smash through obstacles.
Vehicle spawns have personality added in various ways.
Removed action interruption from drug cravings.
Ludicrous numbers of new foods.
Vehicle horns.
Backward compatibility with 0.8 saves.
Stylish trait.
Pickup partial stacks.
Flaming weapons.
Too many new professions to list.
Diseases can now be bodypart specific (bleeding, bites).
Reworked martial arts framework. Arts are no longer pseudo-items, and can be mostly defined in json.
Reworked and streamlined bionics failure chance and install UI.
Streamlined continuous reading.


Monsters that don’t take damage no longer leave blood trails.
Broken gas tanks act broken.
Highlighting lines in tiles mode.
Show all sounds made by player.
Disassemble items with charges properly.
Suppress smoke warning when you have a gas mask.
Stims work again.
Menu cleanups all over.
Better in-city detection for roads.
Funnel filling.
Step on visible trap warning.
Vomiting lethality nerfed.
Better ignore monster for now feature.
Massive audit of item values by Rivet.
Prevent input overbuffering when it’s raining.
Eating related bugs.
Hallucination fixes.
Vehicle mounted turrets.
Crafting consuming containers with contents.
Prevents many actions from passing through walls.
Weird handling of cancelled item use.
Gunmods with firing modes.
Stabilized monster coordinates.
Many fixes in defense mode.
Charge rifle charging.


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