DEmul v0.582

demulSEGA DC以及DC类硬件基板的模拟器DEmul非常令人意外的发表了一个新的WIP版 v0.582。做为曾经的万年截图王,这货现在的进步还是非常可喜的,至少我们可以实际测试一下。新版主要是对NAOMI2基板的各种修正,这部分rom和MAME set是通用的。

Release notes:

Again, bugfix release. Post any regression or improvements reports to our tracker:

– ATOMISWAVE: Crash fix
– CORE: Autoregion if booted without disk fix
– CORE: SSE2 optimizations, critical core corruptions fixed, much more stability
– CORE: Savestates fix
– CORE: Various fixes from the Issue tracker
– DC: Dev.Box bios autoregion
– DX10: NAOMI2 irq fix
– DX11: Aspect ratio for 2nd shader filter’s pass fix
– DX11: Framebuffer rendering fix
– DX11: Ignore z-write disable for punch-through polygons (fix Bust-A-Move 4)
– DX11: Rotate 90/270 fullscreen aspect fix
– GDR: gdrDemul is back from grave
– GPU: Aica dsp fix
– GPU: Lightgun mark fix
– GPU: YUV transfer out of RAM fix
– HIKARU: Full screen added
– HIKARU: Minor fixes and speedup
– NAOMI2: Club Kart little controls fix
– NAOMI2: Color/diffuse lerp value
– NAOMI2: Delay irq and TL status
– NAOMI2: Diffuse and specular intensity
– NAOMI2: Fake shadow fix
– NAOMI2: Layouts
– NAOMI2: Znear/zfar fix
– NAOMI2: Spot/point lights fix
– NAOMI2: Opaque modifiers
– NAOMI2: Optimize/refactor
– NAOMI2: VS3 stupid bug fix
– NAOMI2: Shadow intensity fix
– NAOMI: 18 Wheeler DX steering fix
– NAOMI: Soul Surfer floormat/controls
– PAD: Fixed jump to the BIOS when focus lost
– PAD: more precision for analogs/guns
– PAD: xinput stick, xinput crash and compatibility fix, xinput rumble support
– PVR2: fix single modifiers (Soul Calibur)
– PVR2: fix specular
– SH4: Exception generate optimization, dinarec optimizations, minor speedup (major speedup for some games, like Under Defeat)
– SH4: MMU critical bug fix and speedup, all WinCE games are playable now
– SPU: Sound stretching for slow machines
– VMU: Beep fixed, speedup
– VMU: Default setting changed, VMU screen disable option added

“DEmul v0.582”的一个回复

  1. 这个已经可以模拟机战阿尔法FORDC了,牛一个,可是怎么总是在最大化/最小化是死机呢


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