Ootake 2.71



Ootake 2.71

– With Windows8, when the dialog was displayed, the bug that the error had occasionally gone out by some PC environment was fixed.
– When using it in an old PC environment (model to which a graphic chip did not support shader 3.0), the bug of which the initialization error of Direct3D had gone out was fixed.
– With a little power PC environment, at the reload of a game, the bug that the first sound did not occasionally play a little was fixed.

Ootake 2.70

– The sound processing has been improved. And, the balance of the overall sound has been readjusted. Perhaps, I think that tone quality went up in a lot of PC environments.
– “DirectSound7”, “DirectSound9”, and “XAudio2” were added to the Audio menu. This selection changes tone quality (Because the mixing processing method changes). Encouraging is “DirectSound7 Static” (default from v2.70. the compatibility of it with the wave memory sound is good.)
— This is a change only at playing. The WAV data of the capture(Output WAV file) is the same.
— Please update DirectX to the latest one if the error goes out when “XAudio2” is selected (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35).
– In Baseball Games, the ball count is displayed in order of BSO (BALL, STRIKE, and OUT). (the display positions is swapped in real time with Ootake Correspondence Games: “Power League (World Class Baseball (U)) Series”, “World Studium Series”, “Korega Pro Yakyuu Series”, “Naxat Studium”, “Eikan ha Kimini”, “Baseballer”, and “ROM ROM Stujium”. It is possible to release it by “CPU->Swap STRIKE & BALL” menu.
– The timing of the CD-DA sound and the image display was brought close to the movement of a real machine. Execute “Audio->Adjust CD-DA-> Adjust CD-DA Auto Set” menu once when you want to match it to the optimum value of timing.
– The speed and timing were brought close to the movement of a real machine. In the title screen of “Aurora Quest – Otaku no Seiza”, the problem of the pad input was solved. In the stage 5 of “Rayxanber II”, the problem that had occasionally stopped was solved. In “Mugen Senshi Valis”, the problem that had not occasionally started with some PC environment was solved. In the talk scene of “Ys IV”, the timing accuracy of the voice and the picture has risen.
– In “Rayxanber II”, “Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire”, and “Eikan ha Kimini”, There is a problem that noise has entered tune begining of some music tracks. (perhaps, it was a mistake of the CD-ROM production at the sale that time). Ootake v2.70 beautifully performs these.
– When playing at full-screen, the bug that [R]key(display of the game that had been played recently) did not work was corrected.
– In some PC environments, in the dialog that selects the full-install CD games, the problem that “install” folder had not been occasionally developed was solved.
– In “Rayxanber II”, the problem that TurboButtun(AutoFire) function was not occasionally effective was solved.
– In the opening demo of “Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki”, the problem to which the screen was advanced early was solved.
– In the winning message of “Garou Densetsu II”, the problem to which the screen was advanced early was solved.
– In the demo of “The Pro Yakyuu Super ’94”, the problem that the lower right of the screen occasionally fell into disorder was solved.
– When “Battlefield ’94 in Tokyo Dome” is started, PCE’s 6-button pad is connected by the automatic operation.
– Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.


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