No$gba v2.7a


相对于移动市场里那些到处变着方骗钱的无良码农,马丁大神的面皮实在是太薄了点,您好歹也稍微商业操作一下啊。只要别像Marat Fayzullin那样加个金手指就出能个新版那样不要节操就行 😛

17 Aug 2013 - version 2.7a
- flash: nds games with 8Mbit FLASH memory are KEPT UNSUPPORTED, please identify
  that chips! tools are at
- nds/infrared: fake response AAh to NTR-Ixxx cart SPI cmd 08h (thanks normatt)
- nds/cartloader: forces Rune Factory to use EEPROM 64kbyte (thanks BinarySlave)
- cpu/gba: fixed sram mirror Fxxxxxxh to E00xxxxh (for Croket 2, thanks normatt)
- cartloader: auto-encrypt secure_area (for unencrypted NDS games WITH firmware)
- nds/snd: tweaks BIAS=200h (instead 0) on coldboot; avoid firmware boot scratch
- nds/reset: initialization zerofills more RAM regions and internal registers
- nds/help: added info on nds/dsi gamecodes (ds cartridge header chapter)
- nds/help: added some more newly discovered ROM chip IDs (thanks normatt)
- nds/help: added notes on cartridges with uncommon save memory (nand, microSD)
- bugfix: adjust_addr_edi_gba/poc: removed silly/buggy bit27=0 (thanks kingcom)
- nds/boot: init [27FFC40]=0001 (for newer games) (thanks Exophase and drwhojan)
- nds/boot: init [27FF808,27FF80A,27FF810,27FF860,27FF874,27FF880,27FF884]
- xboo: init [27FF860,27FF868,27FF874,27FF880,27FF884,27FF890,27FFC40,380F980]
- nds/cart: mirrors [romsize*N+0..7FFFh] to [8000h..81FFh] (thanks cheryl)
- dsi/help: started adding basic DSi specs (still far away from completion)
- nds/bios/help: added note on special temp buffer used by Huffman SWI function
- cheats: added cheat function also to debug version (as in gaming version)
- menubar: added recent_files list also to gaming version (as in debug version)
- video: added fullscreen mode in gaming version (black border/without menubar)
- bugfix: fixed arm7 stm writeback for rb=r13..r14 (thanks flubba and dwedit)
- help: added note on texcoord sign+integer+fraction for parameters and result
- soft-detail: clips texcoord transformation results to 16bit (thanks smealum)
- soft-renderer: bugfixed front/back-check for clipped polygons (thanks smealum)


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