Cataclysm:DDA v0.7 Lindqvist released







Use ncursesw and gettext for i18n support and expanded character palette.
Configurable Autopickup feature.
Configurable item spawning lists, now with more configurable spawn frequencies.
Probability Travel Bionic (walk through walls!)
Railgun Bionic (throw metal items at the speed of electricity!)
Flashbang bionic.
Shockwave Generator bionic.
Chain Lightning bionic.
Artificial Night bionic.
Streamlined lumberjacking tasks.
Splints are now craftable and (slowly!) heal broken limbs.
Recover CBMs from butchered player corpses
Small game arrow.
Spoiled (rotten) items will now be removed from the map after twice the time it takes to spoil.
Lit torches set enemies on fire.
Toggled Metabolic Interchange bionic, active power sources.
Changed Optimist to be more thematic and balanced.
Morale effects have more flexible durations.
Extensively reworked fire handling, e.g. campfires should last a more reasonable duration.
Preserve martial art style selection across wielding/unwielding weapons.
Simulate alt+number input for SDL version.
Quicksave command.
Added basic sludge crawler monster
More crafting recipes.
Stash knives in your boots.
Folding bicycle you can stash in a trunk.
New improvised guns.
More survival-ish foods.
Added some more heavy pistols and ammunition.
New Improvised lockpick!
Floatation Vest.
Added wine and a new shirt.
Fuzzy time display, and precise time with wristwatch item.


Multiple gates near one handle work correctly.
Made wild Jabberwocks much more rare.
Fix turrets shuffing around when off map.
Prevent gibbing from low-damage sources.
House generation fixes.
Allow deconstruction of refrigerators.
More consistent road placement.
Make mongroups die propperly, even if the queen dies at a distance
Monsters killed by wide attacks drop corpses/loot
Fix solar panel power production on vehicles.
Cleanup tire changing activity.
Fix stunlock caused by counterattacks.
Keep Jabberwocks from spawning in classic mode.
Fix turret drops.
Extensive text handling fixes.
Menu beautification.
Allow saving while in a vehicle.
Fix div0 on bad option setting.

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