MAME4droid Reloaded 1.3 for android

mame4ios目前安卓平台上最近代的MAME移植版MAME4droid Reloaded 更新到1.3。大量的bug更新和对各种手柄的原生PnP支持,推荐更新一下。



Added NVIDIA Shield support.

Added Plug and play detection of many USB / Bluetooth gamepads.

Added ICS full game controller support (multiple controllers, analog input and dual stick) for detected gamepads.

Added hiscores saving (MKChamp patch).

Added switch to force refresh rate for smoother gameplay in some games.

Added autofire. Fixed some anonymous timers on SEGA and CAVE drivers to fix save states problems (AWJ patch).

Added favorites.

Added option to delete games in ROM manager.

Added Vector defaults options.

Added Emulation speed.

Added auto selection for 1-6 buttons & 2-8 ways stick.

Improved ROM manager.

A lot of bug fixes.

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  1. 唉!!看着博主有种亲切感啊!无声模都被墙了这么久我又上来了。。。

    1. 不是吧?blog2.emusilent.net在BAE上也被墙? -_-0 呵呵,山水有相逢~~~又见面咯


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