My Boy! 1.5.2 for android

myboy完成度很高的安卓GBA模拟器My Boy!继续更新。进一步改进了GBA原生连线功能的模拟。

My Boy! 目前支持不同游戏之间的连线(当然游戏本身要支持),但是要求每个连线者的设备上都存在双方的所有ROM。比如,甲的A游戏要和乙的B游戏连线,模拟器就要求甲和乙的各自的设备上存放了A和B游戏,否则无法连接成功。


• Android Beam (TM) to establish Wi-Fi connection quickly and easily!
• Made it easier to link up different games if you have both games with same file names on each device. Refer to our website for detailed information.
• Fixed some buggy cheat codes which use the same patch slot.
• Fixed DMA read bug introduced in the last version.
• Fixed link crash on CyanogenMod Android ROM.
• Fixed cheats restoration.



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