nds4droid release 35 beta for android

nds4droidnew刚刚感叹PSP的SRWZ2怎么这么流畅的时候,nds4droid r35更新了。这次内核更新较大,可以预见bug较多,所以暂时没有官方推送。

原先nds4droid内置的3大JIT由于中看不中用,所以统统取消,取而代之的是我们国人coder gechdcb君(desmume-fork作者,百度ID咋咋测试机)重写的使用GNU lightning授权的全新JIT-lightning JIT!(名字霸气啊~~)效率不错,据jeff本人测试比原先缺省的threaded Interpreter快了10%~15%!

我测试了一下,的确是快了。特别把关闭音效,把JIT block调到50以上时,连我的山寨渣P也能流畅的跑跑SRW K。遗憾的是这个时候3D画面是破碎的…有得必有失啊。所以好消息是现在lightning JIT一举成为目前android平台上效率最高的内核。坏消息是由于这个新内核还需要大量修订,nds4droid r35不是很稳定。

nds4droid release 35 beta

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Okie dokie, here’s the scoop. I’ve merged in gechdcb’s new lightning based JIT into nds4droid, as well as bringing in updates to some of the DeSmuME core. In doing so I also removed the tinycc JIT, exopase JIT, and DeSmuME JIT execution engines, so now all platforms support just three execution engines: Intrepreter, Threaded Interpreter, and lightning.

The good news is that I’m seeing about a 10-15% performance increase with this build. The bad news is that a lot has changed (and potentially broken). So, rather than push this on the half million nds4droid users all at once, I’m going to start using Google Play’s staged rollout feature. This means that you can opt-in and start receiving this (and future) nds4droid updates early and (hopefully) provide feedback before it goes out to the unsuspecting masses.

Here’s the official changelog for release 35:

  • Added new “lightning JIT” execution engine, on by default, which can give 10-15% performance increases
  • Removed tinycc JIT, exophase JIT, and DeSmuME JIT execution engines
  • Various internal compatibility fixes and updates

So, if you’d like to become an official nds4droid beta tester and receive this and other pre-release versions through Google Play. To do this, complete the following:

  1. Join the nds4droid beta tester Google Group
  2. Opt-in for beta upates on Google Play here

You can also directly download release 35 from sourceforge. Please give me feedback about this new version! When submitting reports remember that adb bugreport logs can help a lot!

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  1. operator.rmc@ro**mob**e.com
    另外我不懂你說的網站主題市指什麼, 如果是背景的話, 外國入口一直都有喔.

    1. 这个应该是你的浏览器残留的口令记忆,是上一个用你浏览器的人的PW哦 😉 费心啦~~

  2. 1.我們家沒有人使用 skyDrive
    2.我們家的帳號都有一定的規律, 這個並不是我們的帳號.

  3. 知道問題出在哪了.
    1. 現在進入 SkyDrive 一定要登入, 不然不給下載.
    2. 但是因為之前下載某個檔案時, 因為該檔案也是放在 SkyDrive, 所以預設的帳號被更動了.
    3. 所以要重新用自己的帳號登入, 才能進入


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