Dolphin Emulator Pre-Alpha 0.6 for android

dandroid嗯,回来鸟…呵呵…Dolphin的安卓版更新。这货除了需要OpenGL ES3硬件,你还要有足够的SD卡空间。因为它不支持压缩包…介个太不人性化了吧…人coder说了,你没足够的内存展开压缩包,所以就算支持也是白搭。同时Dolphin在1G 以下RAM(包括1G)的设备上是非常容易崩溃的…话说我总怀疑大神是拿了高通三爽他们赞助费了。

特别插播:我们热心的ZOO君测试PPSSPP最新版,机器人大战Z 破界篇/再世篇已经可以在在三爽S3级别硬件上全速运行!!耶!

What’s in this version:

Pre-Alpha Version 0.6
– Switch to Google’s library for navigation drawer
– Add OpenGL ES 3 video backend. *BUGGY*
– Gamepad input
Pre-Alpha Version 0.5
– Raise minimum Android version to Ice Cream Sandwich. 2.3 was just setting for people that asked for it. This won’t be dropped back down again.
– Fix a issue with drawn buttons causing graphical corruption
– Fix a issue where it wouldn’t let someone leave the sdcard directory.




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