ArcadeFlex036 (29/05/2013)

mame好玩的东东,一个MAME 0.36的java移植版…er…也许再改改能上网页运行了?PPX的lo大给我们做好了编译版。感谢感谢。还有一个ArcadeFlex,是完全版的MAME java移植,估计这个效率够呛。

这个项目的coder是georgemoralis,不认识没关系,他还是 jpcsp2c的主持人,一个把java的jpcsp改用C编写的项目。嗯,把C写的改成java,把java写的改成C…您这么来回折腾很好玩咩?

-added 100% ported vidhrdw driver for pengo – pacman
-added mostly dummy (like 0.1% implementation) of drawgfx , drawgfxH
-a few addons to driverH and mameH

-Some fixes and cleanup in commonH
-Intial code in cpuintrfH
-Reorganize files in arcadeflex directory
-More work on fileIO
-Added osd_fseek and osd_fclose functions to fileio
-Added osd_fread , and some more work on
-fixed up several bugs in fileIO , now mario game seems to load correctly (I only tested cpu demos but i don’t see a reason why the rest shouldn’t work).
-implemented crc check for rom loading . Not the optimal way but works
-startup work on
-added working -listroms option
-More work on loader
-added working -log switch
-more progress on loading. Now roms appears as not found
-started working on fileio to provide rom loading

-added intial machineCPU and machineDriver
-some cpu definations in driverH
-more work on listdetails
-added support for -listclones and -listgames
-intial work on RomModule defination.
-Added fully working -listcrc command
-Command -listdupcrc now works
-Added working -listwrongmerge
-Added working -listromsize

-start some intial work for 0.36
-some work in driverH according to GameDriver macros
-now argc can recongnize drivers that exists in drivers table
-added with a minimal implementation + some work in main as well
-added and and some coding on that
-added and more addons around
-fixed an issue of crashing if parameters without romname is set
-Added version info in help function
-Added temp memoryH with a few definations to be able to work on machineDriver
-Partial support for listdetails switch


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