Ex Plus Alpha v1.5.12 coming soon…again ;)

android2正如大家看到的,Ex Plus Alpha的EMU模拟器全系列已经推送咧。不过罗伯特大神说,在1.5.11里发现了几个比较大的bug,所以他将修正后马上推送1.5.12。而那些还没有更新的平台将跳过1.5.11直接发布1.5.12。


Version 1.5.12 (WIP)

  • Added an option to control if the on-screen controls automatically re-appear when the screen is touched even if a gamepad is connected, this feature was added in 1.5.10 but can now be manually controlled (accidentally omitted in last update)
  • Fix issues with Joystick Axis 1 as D-Pad setting from 1.5.11

Version 1.5.11 (2013.05.19)

  • Fixed a bug in texture handling from 1.5.10 causing corrupted graphics in some odd-sized emulator screen modes (341-pixel mode in PCE for example)
  • When adding cheat codes in NES/GBC/MD, the dialog now asks for the code first followed by the description, this avoids confusion and the extra step of going into the code’s sub-menu
  • Replaced the Large Fonts option with Font Size, containing a selection of font sizes to choose from
  • 2600: Updated core to Stella 3.8.1 with various compatibility improvements
  • C64: Added a key mapping to swap joystick ports
  • C64: Applying quick C64 settings while a game is running automatically restarts and runs the game
  • C64: Recognize and load .PRG files
  • GBA: Added cheat code support (GameShark and Code Breaker)
  • NES: Updated core to FCEUX 2.2.2 SVN with additional mapper fixes
  • Saturn: Updated core to Yabause SVN 3112
  • Android: Fixed incorrectly sized on-screen controls on Motorola Droid Razr & Bionic after the Android 4.1 update. This device started reporting the incorrect physical screen size so a device-specific hack was added to work-around it.
  • Android: Tweaked event handling to prevent input lag on certain devices running Android 2.3 & 4.0
  • Android: Various input detection tweaks including: less strict keyboard detection so the iCade Mode option appears for the iCade 8-bitty, better joystick axis enumeration fixing issues with some USB joystick adapters, detect and remap Xbox 360 Wireless Adaptor keycodes for the d-pad so it’s usable
  • Android & iOS: Added audio option “Mix With Other Apps”. If off (the default), the app will try to stop the user’s background music player (iPod, Google Play Music, etc.) if present. If on, background music is allowed to play and mixed with the emulator’s audio.
  • iOS: Small optimizations to audio latency by eliminating thread locking and improved ring buffer implementation
  • iOS & Linux/X11: Added PS3 Controller support to in-app Bluetooth system, on Linux the process must have the cap_net_bind_service capability to open network ports below 1024 and you must shut down any daemons listening on the HID channels
  • Linux/X11: Identify multiple keyboards reported by XInput2 as separate input devices, and support hot-plugging them
  • Linux/X11: Added support for evdev joysticks/gamepads with hot-plug
  • Linux/X11: Removed hard-coded font configuration and dynamically load fonts as needed by the characters encountered
  • Linux/X11: Added device-specific support for the Open Pandora handheld (recognize input devices, frame-buffer vsync method, & work around PowerVR driver bug with font textures)

现在在老地方的流出版大家不要以为是某个土豪付费以后把安装包分享出来的,而是我们神勇的PPX版大lo585983根据罗伯特大神的公开源代码自行编译的。原则上说,作者并不反对这种散发。当然如果你使用了这些免费的apk包感觉不错的话,记得给予作者适当的鼓励。比如像我…天天膜拜ing Qrz Qrz Qrz

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