XM7'(DASH) v1.2L15

fmnew7XM7‘(DASH)是日系8位元电脑Fujitsu FM-7的模拟器。基于另一个FM7模拟器XM7的改版。


With the exception of some of the features of the prior implemented in XM7dash, to integrate the code of V1.1L60 official version. Implemented below in relation thereto.

Supports rendering of a raster drawing unit of external filter DLL is used.

However … because the CPU very high power is required when combined, used in conjunction violently deprecated.
Supports rendering of a raster unit “of the current screen mode (integer multiple expansion)” when full-screen mode.
It corresponds to the problem that the screen is not updated when you are down the VM when rendering ON in raster units.
→ do not surface as a problem usually. Symptoms can be confirmed, “Loading the state of the VM is stopped”, such as “full screen switch the VM is stopped”.
I have to do exactly the error checking, such as a page address over error of bubble cassette.
I added a x1.8 and x0.5 to the display size of the external drawing filter DLL is used.
Fixed a problem that can not be passed to the command line emulator that is already running on NT-based Windows.
Implemented bank switching function of expansion RAM64KB is set as a FM-77 mode of V1. OS-9 Level II have come to boot properly, either by expansion RAM64KB during this.
Implementation “Replacing the # 0,1 both drive”, “to replace the # 2 and 3 both drive” in the bubble holder unit and floppy disk drive “to replace the two units” function.



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