RetroArch 0.9.9-wip2

retroarch模拟器平台RetroArch的PC/Mac OS版更新到0.9.9 wip2 。目前还是些平台GUI的改进,本人最关心的libretro方面没有涉及。



This is a work-in-progress release for Win/Linux/OSX. Major thanks to all involved.

Since 0.9.9-wip1:
– Fix crashes in SDL/XVideo on startup.
– Fix flicker when using RGUI on OSX.
– Fix RGUI flicker when using deprecated 15-bit cores.
– Add joypad hotlogging and autoconfiguration to Linux.
– Use linuxraw as default joypad driver on Linux.
– Rework retroarch-joyconfig to be more useful for autoconfig and RGUI purposes.
– Fix getopt_long usage bug causing spurious crashes on recent glibc.

– Several additions and fixes to RGUI:
– Fix SRAM directory/Save state behavior if custom directories are used
– Add disk swapping
– Add gamepad selection and libretro device selection to input config.
– Add SRAM autosave option
– Move video settings under “Video Options …”
– Add “Load Game (History)” option.
– Don’t require zip extension to be set in libretro cores for zips to show up in file browser (fixed in libretro cores in Git).
– Add RETRO_ENVIRONMENT_SET_SUPPORT_NO_GAME environment to libretro for cores which do not use a ROM.


“RetroArch 0.9.9-wip2”的一个回复

  1. 我倒是注意到retroarch连n64都引入了呢,pc上倒无所谓了,相当期待这个n64的插件在安卓或ios上的表现了


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