MESS 0.148u4

MESS 0.148u4的亮点是对FC卡带模拟部分的代码重构和重大改进。然后…没有然后了。


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed

New System Drivers Supported:
-DAG Z80 Trainer [Robbbert]

Systems Promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING:

Skeleton drivers:
-Ravensburger Selbstbaucomputer [Robbbert]

Software Lists:
-softlist: added PCB documentation to gba, gbcolor and n64
 lists, based on nointro pictures [LoganB]

Source Changes
-XT IDE interface [Phill Harvey-Smith]

-Fix for ROM paging on both the Dragon 64 and Dragon Alpha, which
 restores the Dragon Alpha to working condition [Phill Harvey-Smith]

-Z800x and M20 improvements to boot CP/M-8000 [Christian Groessler]
 Z800x: Push the correct word on internal traps.
 Z800x: Fix FCW handling in system non-segmented mode. 
 Z800x: Add missing form of ldb reg, #imm. Z800x: Show previous PC, NSPSEG, and
 PSAPSEG in the debugger. Z800x: Improved flags display in the
 debugger. Z800x: Add debugger command z8k_disass_mode to toggle
 segmented/non-segmented.  Default "auto" tracks the current execution
 state. Z800x: Don't block nested exceptions if the priority and the
 FCW allows it.

-s3, mach8: Added read/write registers, and implemented read masking in
 BitBLTs (used by XF86_S3). Made clipping rectangle checks against
 Destination X/Y when doing BitBLT. [Barry Rodewald]

-merged DAGZ80 into SELZ80 driver. Added a new bios version of
 SELZ80. [Robbbert]

-cd2650: added correct character generator rom [Robbbert]

-nes.c: major refactoring and improvements of NES/FC cart
 emulation: [Fabio Priuli]
 * converted carts, mappers and pcbs to use slot devices
 * fixed starting of Famicom, Famicom Twin and Dr. PCJr
 * fixed handling of "no disk" in FDS so that the system displays
    Mario and Luigi jumping around as expected
 * added AY8910 sound to Sunsoft-5B (Gimmick JPN sfx)
 * added YM2413 to VRC-7 (Lagrange Point OST)
 * added support for recorded samples to Jaleco sport titles and to
    Bandai Family Trainer Aerobics Studio, thanks to notes by hap and
    egoh, and recordings by Pongbashi (samples are needed because
    these games use a currently undumpable speech chip)
 * added support for NES-EVENT pcb used by Nintendo World Championship
    1990, including dipswitches
 * added support for Galoob Game Genie real usage (in addition to the
    codes which Puggsy added to his cheat collections): when you load
    ggenie, a second cartslot becomes available to load another game
    attached to the cheat device (e.g. with "mess.exe nes -cart ggenie
    -cart2 smb") and you can enter the cheat codes as in a real NES
 * added support for Nantettatte!! Baseball lock-on mechanism, based
    on the tests performed by naruko on his carts: when you load
    nantbb, a second cartslot becomes available to load one of the two
    update minicarts (91 Hen or OB Hen)
 * improved emulation of Namcot 163, 175 and 340 boards, based on the
    tests performed by naruko, lidnariq and bootgod on the real
 * moved Nantettatte!! Baseball minicarts to a separate list
    (nes_ntbrom.xml) because they cannot be loaded in the NES
    directly, but only through the nantbb subslot
 * emulated bus conflict (CPU/PRG) in PCBs documented as having it
 * partial emulation of open bus, enough to make working the games
    using it as a sort of protection
 * fixed crash when loading files using FFE mappers
 * fixed mirroring in some boards (Sunsoft DCS and UNL-CC-21) and in
    some games (e.g. Paris Dakar Rally Special and Escape from
 * fixed a few bugs in Tengen 800032 emulation (mapper 64), promoting
    Klax, Xybots and Road Runner to working state
 * fixed Tengen 800037 emulation (mapper 158), promoting US Alien
    Syndrome to working state
 * fixed NINA-001 emulation (mapper 34), promoting Impossible Mission II 
    to working state
 * improved Taito LROG017 emulation (mapper 77), promoting Napoleon Senki
    to working state
 * added emulation of the Sachen SA-9602B pcb used by Mei Shao Nv 
    Meng Gong Chang, a chinese port of Princess Maker by Sachen, based 
    on the great work done by Cah4e3 in FCEUMM
 * added working emulation of many bootleg pcbs used for pirate
    conversions from FDS (Ai Senshi Nicol, Doki Doki Panic, Fuuun
    Shaolin Kyo, Green Beret, Monty no Doki Doki Daidassou, Tobidase
    Daisakusen, Super Mario Bros Malee 2 / Genius Merio Bros...)
 * improved emulation of many pirate pcb (BMC-GOLDENCARD-6IN1,
 * improved RacerMate Challenge II emulation, but the game is still
    not working due to unemulated bicycle controller
 * added CPU-based IRQ mode in Tengen 800032 emulation (mapper 64),
    fixing Skulls & Crossbones gfx (but the game is still not working)
 * improved IRQ handling fixing a lot of 1-line glitches, fixing gfx
    corruption in the upper half of Pinbot tables and allowing Sangokushi
    II - Haou no Tairiku to boot.
 * fixed many small inaccuracies in the old code, spot during the
 * added support for most other known pcbs, even if in most cases
    emulation is only sketchy
 * reduced the need of fake alt pbcs for boards which only differed by
    mirroring handling (these are now recognized through the
    "mirroring" feature)
 * removed fake wram which was added to a lot of partially documented
    pcbs and re-added it only where actually present, so to more
    accurately document what was really in the carts

-atari.c: Correct bit for POK_KEY_BREAK which now allows colon/semi-colon
 [:;] to work properly on Atari Computers. [Tom Clayton]

-psxcd: Further cdrom work, main functional change is better sector
 buffer handling [Carl]

-svmu.c: changed input mappings to be more standard [LoganB]

-pc8201: Added Japanese ROM. [noris]

-bbc.c: Fixed cassette loading.  [Wilbert Pol]

-csw_cas.c: Fixed CSW header detection regression.  [Wilbert Pol]



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