nds4droid release 24&25

nds4oid俗话说人多好办事,最近jeffq在gechdcb的协助下状态不错,今天又推出了nds4droid r24。我测试了一下,兼容性有所提升。我个人认为在安卓平台上只要硬件不是太渣,nds模拟器的完成度已经接近70%。剩下的那些基本是用尽机能的大作了,比如口袋怪兽那一票和黄金太阳,DQ9之类的。


release 25  感谢beeflot同学及时通知 -_-0 您是大仙~~~~

I noticed that some people were complaining that release 24 was actually slower for them (even though I wasn’t for me) so I did some investigating and hopefully this release helps smooth everything out. Get release 25 on Google Play and sourceforge. A pretty simple changelog:

  • Minor performance enhancements

release 24

Because you asked for it, a new nds4droid release! As always Google Play andsourceforge are the places to get it. The changelog:

  • Simplified frame buffer management (thanks gechdcb)
  • Status text drawn via regular Android APIs (faster)

These should result in slight performance increases for everyone (hey, something is better than nothing, right?!)

jeffq最后一句的意思就是,有更新总比没更新好,大家自顾自撸吧~~~兄弟我最近打算重过一边中文化的SRW W和K…少到外面吃饭喝酒KTV,避一下风头。

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