DSP Emulator 0.14b2

dsplogo就算是再没有存在感的模拟器,它也是会更新的。专门秀Pascal语言无敌的DSP Emulator更新到了 0.14b2,这次它有了一个霸气的小标题:Taito madness!加入了类似彩虹岛,战场之狼这些已经被其他模拟器推倒了十多年的街机游戏。-_-0


What´s New!!! DSP Emulator

DSP 0.14b2 04/04/13
+ Defined definitive compilation platforms
– Windows: Delphi XE3
– Other platforms: Lazarus
– Performed cleanup compilation variables
+ Language files are not required anymore. If not available, gives a ´warning´, stay in Spanish and is no possible to change the language.
+ New fast snapshots system for arcade drivers
– Pressing F7 or F8 you can record two snapshots, and pressing F9 or F10 recover them
– Drivers implemented so far: Black Tiger, Bomb Jack, YieAr Kung-Fu, City Connection, Green Beret, Mikie, Super Basketball, Shaolin´s Road, SonSon, Terra Cresta, Ghost´n Goblins, Pacman, Ms Pacman, 1942, Psychic 5, Popeye and Kangaroo
+ Finished the conversion of M68000 memory drivers to word format
+ Converted DAC sound to class
+ WAV files – Improved loading files, supports mono or stereo, and any sampling. Also unified samples loading and Spectrum WAV files
+ TAP/TZX – Fixed internal TAPE names of Spectrum/Amstrad
+ Config
– Added an option to enable/disable the ROMs CRC error notices. Useful to load alternative ROMs to the originalarcade, for example ´Bubble Bobble: Lost Cave´
– Added an option to enable/disable the centering of the main screen when you change driver
– Corrected showing the Joystick name
+ General code cleaning
+ Snapshot: Improved loading system, simplified and stabilized the Spectrum model change
+ Fixed button ´Fast Load´ when changing model
+ Enhanced snapshots. Added sound chip state into the snapshot
-Rally X HW
+ Fixed sprites, quantity and colors
-Super Basketball
+ Fixed VLM-5030 sound
-CPS1 Hardware
+ Corrected palette initiation
-Kangaroo HW
+ Fixed sound
+ Fixed video
-Rainbow Islands HW
+ Rainbow Islands: Added driver with sound
+ Rainbow Islands Extra: Added driver with sound
+ Added driver with sound, small issues with sprites palette
-Operation Wolf
+ Added driver with sound, mouse is used as gun



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  1. 面向对象编程理念很好,但主要适用于范围经常变更的信息系统开发。对非开发人员来说,我觉得还是面向过程的脚本语言简单易学。曾经学过Java,看了几个小时的视频教学,还是有点一头雾水。后来看autoit,半小时内学会,立即快速开发,解决工作上的难题。。。


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