nds4droid release 20

nds4oid照例感谢beeflot君的投递。nds4droid r20发表,没有速度上的改进,但是有不少功能上的改进。比如记忆最近一次载入的rom,显示即时存档的时间,还有就是支持了OUYA主机。

Time for another nds4droid update, both on Google Play and sourceforge. This is mainly a feature update, here’s what you get:

  • Support for the OUYA console
  • Better defaults for game pad key mappings
  • Save/load menus now show the last modified time of save states
  • ROM picker now remembers the last path a ROM was loaded from
  • Fixes a bug where the emulator could crash the very first time it was run on a new device
  • Fixes a bug were some touch buttons weren’t working on certain aspect ratios


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