Atari800 v3.0.0

a800Atari800m是一个跨平台的Atari 800电脑模拟器。大家可能对Atari公司的游戏机家族产品比较熟悉,比如2600。但实际上作为游戏机产业第一代目霸主,雅达利还有另外一条产品线–家用电脑。Atari 800就是雅达利8位电脑家族的代表产品之一。Atari 800装载了6502CPU,大家一看这货外形就会明白它是以APPLE II作为竞争目标的。
总的来说,Atari 800还算是台成功的主机。以至于1982年当Atari 2600竞争力下降时,雅达利第一反应就是把Atari 800的硬件改进一下换上个游戏机的马甲骗钱,名字就叫Atari 5200…然而Atari 800早有它自己的完全互换游戏机,Atari 400。这种把消费者当猴耍的企图结果不言而喻。Atari 5200在两年之内迅速完蛋,然后又来了Atari 7800…

Atari800有android平台移植,colleen,名字来源于Atari 800的别名。这个名字还有典故,话说当初雅达利公司有两个人见人爱的风骚小秘书,一个叫Candy,一个叫Colleen。估计BOSS也对她们念念不忘,就干脆用她们两个的名字作为Atari 400/800的内部代号
所以,由于Atari 5200和800的相似性,colleen虽然没有明说,但是经过测试,它是android平台上目前唯一的Atari 5200模拟器。
Atari800 version 3.0.0 (released on 2013/03/03)
New features:
* Option to automatically save configuration on exit
* More settings saved in configuration:
– currently attached tape file
– cartridge settings, including currently attached cartridges
– state of R-Time 8
– system settings, including Mosaic/Axlon RAM size
* New Tape Management menu – can now create blank tape images, switch tape
to read/write in order to save additional data at the end of the current
tape image, rewind/fast forward the tape, and mark it as read-only. See
DOC/USAGE for details.
* Displaying tape position when “Show sector/block counter” is enabled.
* Reworked Cartridge Management menu – now displays filename of the
attached cartridge.
* Option to disable restarting of the machine after cartridge change.
* When attaching a cartridge from the command line, cartridge type can now
be specified using the new -cart-type and -cart2-type options.
* New cartridge types supported:
– OSS 8 KB cartridge
– OSS two chip 16 KB cartridge (043M)
– Blizzard 4 KB cartridge
– AST 32 KB cartridge
– Atrax SDX 64 KB cartridge
– Atrax SDX 128 KB cartridge
– Turbosoft 64 KB cartridge
– Turbosoft 128 KB cartridge
– Ultracart 32 KB cartridge
– Low bank 8 KB cartridge
– SIC! 128 KB cartridge
– SIC! 256 KB cartridge
– SIC! 512 KB cartridge
– Standard 2 KB cartridge
– Standard 4 KB cartridge
– Right slot 4 KB cartridge
* The configure script can now auto-detect some of the available display and
sound interfaces before compiling.
* Option to enable XEP80 added to The Emulator Settings menu.
* Emulation of the 1200XL, including console LEDs, no built-in BASIC, the
F1-F4 keys (mapped to arrow keys in the SDL version) and the on-board
J1 jumper.
* Emulation of the XE Game System, including the built-in game and
detachable keyboard.
* Revamped the Select System menu (now called System Settings). Can now
select many system settings, including RAM expansions, OS and BASIC
revision, and more.
* System ROM settings moved to a separate menu. Now it stores paths to all
known official revisions of the Atari OS, the 5200 BIOS, all BASIC
revisions, and the XEGS built-in game. The OS revision to use is chosen
automatically when selecting a machine type (for example, the 400/800 OS
PAL or NTSC version is chosen depending on the selected TV system).
* 400/800: Emulation of all RAM sizes achievable with different combinations
of the CX852 and CX853 modules – from 8 to 48 KB.
* Emulation of 32/48KB memory sizes in the XL/XE mode, compatible
with memory expansions for the 600XL manufactured by RC Systems.
* Emulation of the MapRAM hardware hack.
* Display settings: “Hue” renamed to “Tint”. Tint now configurable also in
PAL mode.
New Android port features:
* Renamed Atari800 Android port to “Colleen”
* Implemented extended key remapping
* Implemented the B: device (8-bit games can reach the web now)
* Support for Xperia play keycodes added
* Remapped dpad enter to break
* Added paddle emulation
* Optimized file selector, allow roaming outside of ext. storage dir
* Added an exclusion border for paddle mode
* Implemented state saving
* Implemented Planetary Defense mode, a Koala Pad click-where-I-point mode
* Natively supported UI on post-Honeycomb devices
* Fixes for Jelly Bean (audio stuttering, keypad dialogs, soft keyboard)
* Added new dialog for cartridge type selection
* UI fine tuning
General Fixes:
* Bugfixes in cassette emulation – works reliably even for tape images with
long (> 4096 B) blocks.
* Fixes in save states – loading of save states works correctly even with an
attached bank-switched cartridge or with an Axlon/Mosaic RAM expansion.
Note 1: Format of the state files has changed. Old save states can still
be opened, but newly-created ones cannot be opened in older versions of
Note 2: Tape position is not restored on loading of save states. Do not
save state during tape loading/saving – it won’t work as expected.
* “Disable BASIC when booting Atari” no longer emulates pressing of the
Option key when in the 400/800 mode.
* Fixed a bug with BASIC sometimes disabling itself when switching system
type to 400/800
* Minor bugfixes in file selector
* Fixed emulation of SpartaDOS X piggyback cartridge functionality
* “Save Screenshot” fixed – it saved an interlaced screenshot instead of a
normal one.
* SDL version: Swapped mapping of right and middle mouse buttons, to make it
identical to the X11 and Win32 ports.
* Monitor: fixed displaying/disassembling of memory area $D000-$D7FF – with
the new supported cartridge types, code may reside on page $D5, and now it
can be debugged.
* SDL version: fixed a blue border when in OpenGL BGRA32 mode.
* Minor fixes in parsing of command-line options.
* Rewritten XEP80 emulation – now more accurate and supports switching
between NTSC/PAL modes with correct aspect ratio. XEP80 emulation now
requires a charset ROM image, path to which should be set in the
XEP80_CHARSET line in the config file.
* Fixed operating system patches not working with all official revisions of
the OS.
* Fixed emulation of separate ANTIC/CPU access to XE RAM when Self-Test is
* Fixed the emulator menu sometimes being displayed incorrectly (missing
font) when running without an OS ROM image.
* Improved accuracy of generated colours in PAL mode.
* Fixed emulation of the H: read operation – Turbo Basic’s BLOAD now works
on H: devices.


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