Ex Plus Alpha 1.5.8 for android


Version 1.5.8 (2013.02.02)

  • Replaced Input/Player Mapping and all Key Config menus with a new Input Device Setup that lists all currently active key-based input devices and allows for these additional features: per-device configurations, user-defined key profiles, per-device iCade settings so multiplayer is possible on platforms like Android 3.1+ where each device is accessed independently, split player mappings on one device (for example, one keyboard can have controls for players 1 & 2 on different keys). Additionally, by selecting Auto-detect Device To Setup, you can jump directly to the setup menu for a specific device by just pushing any button on it
  • Added option to turn on/off confirmation of overwriting save states
  • Added key mappings to increment/decrement the save state slot
  • Added date & time to the save state slot menu items
  • Android: Turned off Suspended App Icon by default on Android 3.0+ since it’s not as useful due to the OS dedicated app switcher
  • Android: Internally re-map O button on Xperia Play to not conflict with Back button so both can be used for different functions
  • Android: Added a default key profile for a PS3 Controller (via USB port) and gave it custom UI controls (PS button closes the menu)
  • Android: Recognize analog joystick inputs as separate keys compared to dpad ones so they can be assigned different functions
  • Android: Recognize analog L/R triggers as keys
  • Android: Improved detection of input device changes from the OS and added a popup when a change occurs
  • Android: Added a work-around to avoid crashing on some JXD devices due to OS bugs in the Bitmap JNI functions
  • iOS: Enabled full screen on 16:9 devices (iPhone 5)
  • iOS: Increased auto-frameskip precision from micro-seconds to nano-seconds and made sure to always use a monotonic clock so it behaves properly if NTP adjusts your clock while playing
  • Linux/X: Fixed linker error with MESA by checking for glXSwapIntervalSGI and glXSwapIntervalMESA at runtime
  • MD: Added support for Game Genie & Action Replay cheat codes, uses the standard .pat format from Kega Fusion, Gens, Genesis Plus GX, etc.
  • MD: Removed SegaCD code from the ARMv6 builds since it’s probably not usable with its current performance and just wastes memory
  • MD: Fixed a bug in the ROM loader that can cause random crashes
  • MD: Fixed a possible crash in the ARMv5/ARMv6 Android build due to unaligned memory access
  • MSX: Fixed on-screen keyboard in Coleco mode incorrectly sending * when pushing the # key
  • Snes9x/1.5x: Updated emulation core with fixes up to Jan 26, 2013 GIT version
  • Snes9x/1.5x: Added Block Invalid VRAM Access option

Emulator back-ends are derived from the following:


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