no$psx v1.3


no$psx v1.3 Changelog:
– video: new rendering modes: 32bpp (mostly for MDECs), 8bpp (for old PCs), Auto
– video: supports horizontal screen centering and left/right screen borders
– video: matched PAL vertical centering to values used by “majority” of games
– video: fixed lower-border rendering (always using xsiz instead xsiz_div16)
– video: optional forced-automatic-centering (recommended for chaotic PAL games)
– video: optional better-than-real rendering with quads instead of triangles
– gpu: supports linestrips with uncommon end-codes (Wild Arms 2 uses 50005000h)
– cdrom: supports .sub files (for libcrypt, and for .ccd’s without index 0)
– cdrom: supports .cdz files (and optionally deleting them after decompression)
– cdrom: supports error on “standby” command (used by Nightmare Creatures 2)
– cdrom: supports (de-)mute (avoid noise during modchip detect in Dino Crisis 1)
– cdrom: seek+setloc goto sectors before target (not to target) (tomb raider 2)
– cdrom: seek aborts reading (for Wild Arms 1 which lacks preceeding pause cmd)
– cdrom: seek updates data for any following getloc (needed for Resident Evil 1)
– cdrom: added getloc_l errors during seek (required for legacy of kain intro)
– cdrom: added newly discovered cd xa adpcm-buffer-empty-flag (1F801800h.bit2)
– cdrom: fixed subchannel-Q crc_16_ccitt byte-order (crc must be big-endian)
– cdrom: odd stuff like setloc+read+setloc+read+pause+read+pause+read combos
– vram-viewer: shows logged GPU command origins (CPU PC and DMA start/link)
– vram-viewer: shows laser-arrow for GP0(E3h,E4h,E5h) commands draw area/ offset
– vram-viewer: allows tree-access after run (fill_3d_poly_tree_if_any_if_needed)
– vram-viewer: prevents mishandled ESC-key in hex-gpu-command child window
– debug: dynamic data/break-list allocation (no more limit on .sym datazones)
– bios: added “patch_missing_cop0r13_14opcodes_k0_k1” variant (ridge racer)
– help: added details on gpu-linestrip end-code and various new cdrom details
– help: added “information” on Xe Multi System Emulator’s CD Image File Format
– help: added notes on chaotic screen centering values used by most PAL games
– icon: psx button-style icon symbols, at 12×12,16×16,32×32,48×48 pix sizes
– web: uploaded photos of the psx-xboo bios and parallel port upload circuit
– web: added nonazi logo (we are no longer mass-murdering ourselves in germany)



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