Mupen64Plus AE v2.a.6 beta for android

除了这个Mupen64+ AE和yongzh的N64droid有各自的原创部分以外,其他基本都不值一提。Mupen64+ AE什么纸片马里奥啊,塞尔达时之笛,塞尔达假面都能不错的运行,甚至连皇家骑士团64也能画面不完美的跑跑…唯独SRW64(机器人大战64)不行…一点都不行…郁闷…

– Rebuilt user interface and menu system
– Added native joystick support, with analog control
– Better synchronized core with upstream
– Added support for x86 CPUs
– Fixed Majora’s Mask freeze
– Added flicker reduction settings
– Added framelimiter settings
– Added orientation selections
– Added resampling algorithm selections
– Added swap audio channels setting
– Improved optimizations
– Increased game and device compatibility
– Integrated OUYA support

+ Bugfixes
– Fixed the broken multi-player bug introduced in 2.a.2
– Fixed various crashes discovered by the crash report system
+ Enhancements
– Cheats can be disabled entirely to speed up menu load time
– Translations updated
– Flicker-reduction optimizations for Henag Lazer
– A few compiler optimizations, might have improved speed a bit
+ Changes
– Temporarily removed Gameshark and Frame Advance buttons until those features are ready
+ Enhancements
– All cheat options are now persistent
+ Changes
– Added OUYA-specific components
+ Enhancements
– Added option to share controller between multiple players (needed for N64-USB adapter)
– Added option to manually specify the flicker-reduction profile in the Video menu
+ Bugfixes
– Fixed force-close bug on launch for Xperia PLAY
– Multiplayer setup dialog retains state on rotation
+ Bugfixes
– Fixed bug where game would close on launch if cheats database weren’t finished building
– Cheats menu refreshes properly and slightly faster
– Boolean (on/off) cheat settings are persistent
(persistent multi-choice cheat settings coming soon)
+ Enhancements
– Portuguese translation
– Tweaks to touchscreen transparency slider behavior
+ Changes
– Updated link to Credits in the About dialog
– Removed Hide buttons option in Touchscreen menu (redundant)
+ Bugfixes
– Fixed RSP-related loading issues on certain devices
– Video menu refreshes properly after plugin is changed
+ Enhancements
– Translations for Croatian, French, German*, Russian*, Spanish
(* partial)
– Transparency option for touchscreen overlays
+ Changes
– Changed some compiler settings; might fix some FC issues on certain devices
– Corrected name to Mupen64Plus AE
– Removed some obsolete data files
– Added link to this change log in the About menu
Initial release candidate.  Changes from final snapshot build:
+ Bugfixes
– Hooked up most of the missing special functions
– Multiplayer works even if Player 1 uses touchscreen but no controller
+ Enhancements
– Overhauled multi-player control mapping, now in the Play menu
– Added confirmation dialog before resetting from Play menu
– Added in-game menu item for changing IME on the fly
– Added option to hide touchscreen overlay buttons
– Added menu item to migrate slot saves from version 1.9.2 to 2.x
(you can have both installed at once)
– Added diagnostics screen to help debug controller issues
– Updated the Help and About menus, more informative now
– Integrated new crash reporting back-end for greater manageability
+ Changes
– Moved default save directory to <sdcard>/mupen64plus
– Removed reset function from in-game menu (now redundant)
– Internally reorganized a lot of string resources to improve maintenance/translation

“Mupen64Plus AE v2.a.6 beta for android”的3个回复

  1. 出到正式版2.0.2了。我不知道别的怎么样,反正我的M1S玩塞尔达是各种卡成翔啊。怎么调设置似乎都没用。

    1. 我用插件gles2rice 0.1.0在jxds601上跑时之笛中文版全速,不过是关了声音的,就是有个麻烦,进菜单会死机…呵呵。600MHZ的A9单核哦…

      1. 在project64k上进菜单都要卡好几秒,n64oid也如是。虽然很久没更新,不过用着也没什么问题,菜单也更方便点,还是它吧。



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