MESS 0.148


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 05055: [Documentation] (mephisto.c) rebel5: The correct name of
  this set is Mephisto Rebell 5,0. (Robbbert)
- 05044: [Documentation] (beehive.c) beehive: The correct year of
  publication I think it is 1982. (Robbbert)
- 05068: [Crash/Freeze] (apollo.c) All sets in apollo.c: [debug]
  Assert: src/emu/render.c, Line 2466 (Firewave)
- 05072: [Crash/Freeze] (ip22.c) ip225015: [debug] Crash after
  OK (Firewave)
- 04875: [Crash/Freeze] (apricotp.c) fp: Access Violation when
  taking snapshot (Firewave)
- 05069: [Crash/Freeze] (pc.c) mc1502: Crash after OK (crazyc)
- 04894: [Core] (coco12.c) All sets in coco12.c: RTC option is
  missing (npwoods)
- 05037: [Misc.] (coco12.c) Request for change in mess/drivers/
  coco12.c (npwoods)
- 05031: [Graphics] (coco12.c) coco2: The video timing in the
  program MCPaint 2.10 trashes program (npwoods)
- 04874: [Crash/Freeze] (c65.c) c65, c64dx: memory_bank::set_base
  called NULL base (Fabio Priuli)
- 04958: [Interface] (next.c) All sets in next.c: Inconsistent slot
  info between -listslots and -listxml (Fabio Priuli)
New System Drivers Supported:
-Ensoniq SQ-Rack [R. Belmont]
-Hanimex Pencil II {Robbbert, Ian Farquhar]
-Milton Bradley MicroVision [kevtris, Wilbert Pol]
Systems Promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING:
-Casio PV-1000 [Wilbert Pol, plgDavid, Angelo Salese]
Skeleton drivers:
-Sanyo MBC-16 [rfka01]
-Roland MT-32 [Lord_Nightmare, O. Galibert]
-Roland CM-32L [Lord_Nightmare, O. Galibert]
-TIM-100 [Miodrag Milanovic]
-Brandt 8641 - Currency Counter [Miodrag Milanovic]
-Roland D-110 [Lord_Nightmare, O. Galibert]
System Driver Changes:
-esq5505: More documentation and other fixes from schematics [R. Belmont]
-vt131/vt102: Redumped 23-226e4 ROM; seems to boot but gets stuck
 waiting for an unmapped io or interrupt? Also we could use
 scans of the EK-VT101-TM or MP-01066 sheets, if anyone has them.
 [pjustice, Lord Nightmare]
-vt100.c: preliminary i8251 PUSART hookup, not working yet. [Lord Nightmare]
-mt32: Add the sample clock, now it's waiting for an irq from the la32
 [O. Galibert]
-Enabled vt102 driver, made vt131 a clone of vt102 as both use
 the same main roms, but vt131 has one additional rom added.
 [Lord Nightmare]
-pencil2 : added printer [Robbbert]
-scorpion.c : fixed 1ffd port handling [MetalliC]
-uzebox: added video emulation and joystick input. [Sandro Ronco]
-fm7: identified F-BASIC versions and renamed drivers accordingly,
 fm7a-> fm7 and fm7 -> fmnew7 [anonymous]
-m20: Added -ramsize support. [Christian Grössler]
-atarist: Fix the rom dance [O. Galibert]
-atarist: Fix the consequences of the recently inverted irq polarity of
 the acia, we have kbd/mouse again [O. Galibert]
-coco: Removing VHD from 'coco' driver  [Robert Gault] (mametesters #5037)
-mc1502: 5.33 version bios [anasana]
-A2Swyft: Change rom name to match card label, add jedec derived
 dump of pal16r4 [Lord Nightmare, D. Elvey]
-Mac: get the 6805s away from knowing mac_state internals, fixes
 Pippin error [R. Belmont]
-c64: Added IDEDOS 0.90 and Prince of Persia to the cartridge
 software list. These can be used to quickly flash the EasyFlash and
 IDE64 cartridges. Note that you have to delete the resulting files
 from nvram directory to re-flash. [Curt Coder]
-bbc: Fix another collateral damage of the acia irq fix [O. Galibert]
-mm1: Added software list with boot disk. [Kara Trace, Curt Coder]
-sq1/sqrack: Greatly improved display behavior [R. Belmont]
-c128: Added QuickSilver 128 BIOS. [Curt Coder]
-bw2: Fixed floppy loading. [Curt Coder]
-Apollo fixes: [Hans Ostermeyer]
 * fixed MLOG: machine -> machine()
 * use the correct address space for dma (supplied space parameter is
    wrong; why?)
 * minor fix for 64 Bit Ubuntu
 * block_set_filemark() failed to set the filemark buffer; memcpy will
    now use 64 bit words (i.e. 8 byte chunks) for copying
-pce/tg16/sgx: Convert to using new more accurate video chip
 device emulation [Wilbert Pol]
-lviv: added support for multipart tapes (lv0, lv1, etc. extensions)
 [Fabio Priuli]
-mm1: Fixed floppy. [Curt Coder]
-wangpc: Fixed floppy. [Curt Coder]
-bw12: Fixed floppy. [Curt Coder]
-xerox820: Fixed floppy. [Curt Coder]
Software Lists:
-Added games beginning with "A" to the Apple II softlist [R. Belmont]
-pico.xml: Added two German prototypes [Team Europe]
-pico.xml: added new European and Japanese dumps and better documentation
 for a few old dumps. [Team Europe]
-Added preliminary softlists to many Eastern Europe computers: Apogee,
 Bashkiria-2M, BK-0010, Galaksija, Korvet, Lviv, Mikrosha, Ondra ViLi,
 Orao, Orion-128/OrionPro, Partner-01.01, Pecom64, Pyldin-601, Radio-86RK,
 Specialist/Specialist MX and UT-88. [Fabio Priuli]
 Added 50 cartridges [ReadOnly]
 Added Metal Jack prototype [ruiner9]
Source Changes
-c1551: Fixed floppy loading. [Curt Coder]
-c1571: Fixed fast serial mode on C128. [Curt Coder]
-ed1200 family of LCD controllers [O. Galibert]
-dsk: (minimally) complete the dsk support [O. Galibert]
-floppy: Correctly reach files inside zips or softlists [O. Galibert]
-flopimg: Avoid avoidable leaks [O. Galibert]
-upd765: Be verbose about sector IDs when formatting a track [O. Galibert]
-Added FM encoding support to flopimg and wd17xx_dsk. [Curt Coder]
-Added FM encoding support to upd765_dsk. [Curt Coder]
-Added cdda_get_channel_volume() function to CD-DA device. Fixed volume
 control display in PC Engine CD system [Angelo Salese]



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