Zega Alpha 3.2.2

zegaalphaZega Alpha(看上去)是一个全新的PC平台SEGA MARK III/SMS/GG开源模拟器,已经拥有非常高的完成度,用作者的话来说:可以运行平台上(几乎)所有游戏。

Zega Alpha比较好的地方在于支持了PS3/Wii/360的无线手柄,你可以在PC上用这些先进的手柄运行那些远古的游戏…怎么看怎么诡异哦…
:: Features
The emulator this one was based on was originally pretty bare. It would only play Master System games by dragging and dropping them to the window, and even then without sound and unalterable keyboard controls and window size. Here’s a list of what’s new since then…
– Play almost any Sega Mark III, Master System, or Game Gear game
– Play with your PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360 controllers with the right adapters
– Full menu system inspired by Final Burn Alpha and full screen mode
– Games that use the Master System’s Paddle Control can be played
– Use Pro Action Replay codes, rapid fire, or slow down gameplay to beat difficult levels
– Save and load any point in-game with the save state function
– Record and play movies of your gameplay or save screenshots
– Rewind if you lose a life even while you’re recording gameplay
– A memory editor with value search capability for cheating and technical purposes
– Disable the background or sprite layer to rip graphics



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