Jnes v1.0 for android

Jnes是一个老牌的Win32平台FC模拟器,现在它被移植到了安卓平台,而且是收费软件。Jnes的作者Jabo同时也是N64模拟器Project64的主要作者之一,希望酱爆君在android上有个好收成,顺便把PJ64移植到安卓XD  更正上次的一个错误!Project64 1.7也是无法免费得到的,目前免费的最新版只有jabo发表的Project64 1.6.1。当然就像huzhangyang同学留言说的,还有个好东东叫project64kJnes is a NES emulator that brings the console experience to your Android device. It is a port of the popular Jnes for Windows emulator, developed over many years, containing the same high quality emulation core and many of the same features.

• Fast emulation, natively compiled, great battery life
• Enjoyable user interface for phones and tablets
• NTSC and PAL support
• On screen multi-touch gamepad
• Stereo Sound
• Key remapping for external input devices such as the Sony Xperia
• Save progress with instant save states



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