KEGS IIgs Emulator for android

Apple IIgs模拟器Kegs登场安卓。作为Apple II家族的最后王者,IIgs比失败的Apple III强太多了。准确的说Apple IIgs是Apple II族系向Mac族系进化的一个中间态硬件,它拥有专属的操作系统,在保持对Apple II软件兼容的同时扩展出了巨大的多媒体进化。
Port of Kent Dickey’s KEGS Apple IIgs Emulator to Android. Also includes OG ActiveGS patches as of kegs_3_0_242.
You can find a release version in Google Play:
Work in progress! Screen may be cropped in portrait mode on phones. Flip it over to landscape orientation.
Look on your sdcard in /Android/data/ There’s a ‘default’ config there that gets copied to ‘config.kegs’ on startup.
The touch screen acts as a big trackpad for the mouse.
To click and drag, either Long Press then drag or use one finger for movement and one finger for the mouse button.
Source code:
To build from source:
(git submodule init && git submodule update) android update project -p ActionBarSherlock/library -s android update project -p . -s ndk-build ant debug install
Changes made to KEGS:

  • Various ifdefs for __ANDROID__ in the kegs ‘core’
  • Addition of android_driver.c and android_sound_driver.c

Application structure:

  • The UI is coordinated via KegsMain
  • There is a KegsThread class that gets its own thread. This thread ends up calling mainLoop() in jni/android_driver.c and running KEGS in that thread.
  • The native thread gets two things from Java: a Bitmap, and a ConcurrentLinkedQueue.

All UI events are sent to the native thread by pushing events into the ConcurrentLinkedQueue (KegsEvent, MouseKegsEvent, KeyKegsEvent).
The native thread pulls events off the queue, writes updates into the bitmap object, then calls the Java “updateScreen” in the KegsThread object.
The native thread also calls support functions in Java, such as checkForPause(), which deadlocks the thread while it should be paused. See comments in for more details.
Android NDK samples were used as a base for this:

  • bitmap-plasma
  • JetBoy
  • native-audio
  • FireflyRenderer


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