FPse v.0.11.56 for android

FPse 0.11.57:
– Fixed Enhanced 3D and Boost high res games options .
Boost high res games is necessary for 1ghz proc or less and games like Tekken3, Medievil etc…
– Fixed shortcut image uneeded cropping.
FPse 0.11.56:
– Sound fixed when SPUSYNC is on
FPse 0.11.55:
– OpenGL plugin Fixed
FPse 0.11.54:
– Fix for MALI400 OpenGL, set ‘FF7 cursor fix’ from video menu No more crash, will make working others games that crashed…
– Added full filtering to OpenGL, set Texture filtering from video menu
– Added support for Multi bin ISO files
– Added support for Multi ISO eboot files
– Added Auto Overlay pad sizing
– Added Audio Reverb effect
– Added Audio Pitch effect
– Added Auto pad sizing
– Many fixes


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