ePSXe v.1.7.8 for android

安卓平台第二最佳SONY PS模拟器从1.7.5以后已经连续好几次更新了。可惜我没空测试,不过已经支持了实体按键映射,最近有空会给试的。
epsxe for android上架以来已经售出了超过5000份,注意,我们这些用测试版是不会进入这个计数的…哇…巨款哦~~ \$o$/
What’s in this version:
Version 1.7.8
* Added screen ratio 4:3, sw filtering (slow), Sound Latency Modes.
* Fixed some GPU bugs (DW7 crashes, – FF7, Driver, RRT4, PE, Ff9 artifacts – FF7 scroll – THPS, DHT missing textures (thanks T. larking, Misha,S.N.)
* Improved audio tracks in PBP format (thanks cualfoxhound)
* Compatibility fixes ported from PC 1.7.0/1.8.0: Formula One Arcade/99, Shaman King, Eldergate…
* Fixed some spu bugs, Re-Loaded, Legend of Dragon
FPse 0.11.40 changes:
– Fixed sound! really perfect now! especially if you set SPUSYNC from audio menu.
– Added OpenGL-ES 2.0 blitter mode as default software. Very fast and smooth, and bilinear filtered!
if you want old software mode, just go to MISC menu and select Old Software drawing then restart fpse.
– Updated openGL plugin with fixes and support for Rockchip gpu.
– Fixed Start menu of GT1 in soft mode


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