nds4droid release 10


The changelog:
-Much better sound emulation, should be free of previous hiss or popping and sound smooth
-Added option to lock screens to their portrait orientation, while still rotating controls (for games that are meant to be played with the DS held sideways like a book)
-Added option to change the language of the emulated DS
-Native support for x86 devices. Emulation should now run much faster on x86 based systems
-Added a partial Italian translation
-Updated Portuguese translation
有时候我很奇怪google对于emulator app的审核态度,它阻止了yongzh,tiger这些第一批优秀的android游戏模拟器先驱继续开发,但是对现在市场上大批同类模拟器毫无动作…这不是欺负人吗??


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