NeoRaine 1.3.3, aka the final touch


Rasters improve again this time we take the numbers found by the
measurements from the mame team, quite different from what the dev docs
tell… With some adjustements, a big boost for the cpu in the vbl to
ensure a stable display and this kind of thing.
Now accept cue files where the the data file is not between quotes
Add -geometry command line option (same as raine)
Inputs updates (same as raine, see raine changelog for details)
Add the option to disable the rasters emulation in neocd option, so that
rasters don’t prevent anymore a game to be playable like what happened in
1.3.2. Also useful for those who find rasters make some games too slow.
The option is saved and will return when restarting the emu.
Some fixes for the savegames, they should be more reliable now.
Show iso files in the file selector when there are no cue files in the
directory, which happens for neocd demos for example.
一般我们说的NeoGeo模拟器往往指的是业务机MVS的模拟器,它的rom目前被收录在MAME Fullset中,而NeoGeo卡带机AES的ROM格式和MVS有很大不同,但是可以互相转换。NeoGeoCD的CD你可以直接用光驱读取,又是另外一种格式了,而且不能从rom转换得到,大家只好重新下载。本站是提供的)
顺便说一下NGCD的游戏和MVSAES基本重叠,但也有少数列外,比如著名的侍魂RPG真说武士道列传,虽然PSSS有移植,但是NGCD的版本是特殊的。 NeoRaine的官网还提供了一个侍魂RPG的专用不完整英文补丁,大家可以试试。



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