Saturn.emu 1.5.27 for android


Saturn.emu和Snes9x Ex一样,由于源代码授权的限制,罗伯特不能对他的安卓移植版进行收费。但这并不妨碍大神做爱心义工, 1.5.27就是最近更新的,更新内容不详,但是总算是更新到了最新的平台代码

我测试下来貌似又有所优化,晓龙800的设备在关闭跳帧(新版里叫做skip last frame)以后2D游戏大多流畅了。大家有空可以测试下,记得先在system里设置好BIOS,可以在一定程度上提升兼容性。



  • The core emulation is based on Yabause and can load cue/iso/bin files
  • This app is considered beta and unsupported, do not report any issues for the time being
  • Sound is disabled by default but is supported
  • If the default auto-frameskip mode runs very slowly on your device, consider using a fixed frameskip which runs the game in slow-motion but offers better input responsiveness
  • Dynarec for the SH CPUs is supported and enabled by default on Android & WebOS. When switching between SH modes, the setting is applied upon the next game launched, resetting a game in progress continues to use the current SH core. Currently this setting isn’t saved.
  • Save states are incompatible between the SH dynarec/interpreter and will crash if loaded in the incorrect mode
  • The app doesn’t have an icon so you’ll see a generic one for now

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